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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's Your Nude Attitude: Tips For Pulling Off Nude Lips Without Fear!

My Big Three: Revlon Soft Nude, MAC Myth, MAC Playing Koi

Contrary to the popular belief, almost anyone can pull off a nude lipstick. Granted, those with super tan or dark skin may have a more challenging time than others, but that isn't to say it cannot be done. I have a couple of tips that may make wearing a nude lipstick less daunting.

#1 Choose The Right Formula!

It may not be the actual shade of the nude lipstick that is having you hating the idea of wearing one, but rather, the formula that is just simply not flattering. Take MAC Myth. I was totally ready to throw this one in the trash because I thought the color made me look like a corpse. Then I realized, its not the color, its the formula. If you typically don't think you look good in nudes or if they settle into lines or look too cakey, then the lipstick is probably too thick or matte. Myth happens to be a Satin formula lipstick and therefor is kind of thick, drying, and matte. Couple this with the fact that its a fairly light nude and you have the making of a bad concealer lip look.

Try This Instead: Go for nudes that are more sheer, or have a sheen to them. The fact that it has a more glossy appearance can instantly make your lips appear to have some life rather than the dull appearance that a matte formula can give off.

#2 Choose the Right Base!

Lipliner is not only for lining lips, but can also be a very useful tool in filling in the lips. Give that nude lipstick something to stick to besides the cracks and crevices or dry spots of the lips. Also, choosing the right shade of lipliner can really warm up a nude lipstick and make it more wearable. For instance, let's take MAC Myth again, when I paired it with Subculture liner by MAC it transformed the otherwise pale nude and gave it the warmth it needed. And using a lipliner as a base can make your lipstick last longer. 

Try These!
MAC Subculture and Chanel Natural are two very versatile shades that will work with most nudes and nude/pink shades. They are fairly similar to one another besides the fact that Chanel may go on creamier and Subculture is cheaper. 

MAC Subculture lipliner (above)
#3 Choose the Right Gloss!

I firmly believe that most any lipstick can be transformed into something wearable with the help of the right lipgloss to go over top. Lipgloss happens to be a must-have for lipsticks with drying textures such as a matte. If your lipstick doesn't have a sheen to it, you can always add a gloss to provide this for you. Aside from changing the textures appearance, a lipgloss can also tone up or down a lipstick shade that needs toning or it can warm up a shade that needs warming. If your nude is pale or mimics the lips of a dead person, look for a warm-toned peach gloss to bring back the life. 

Try These!
MAC Big Baby Plushglass:
One of my very favorite glosses. I use this one over almost any peach or nude lipstick for instant warmth and shine. This is a warm-peach shade and it totally transformed my previous hatred for Myth lipstick. 
MAC Big Baby is the second shade and Revlon Nude Lustre is the third (pictured with Bubble Tea and Bonus Beat from MAC)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Nude Lustre: 
This is a beautiful warm shade of nude that has been a total hit with cosmetic enthusiasts. First of all, the texture is fantastic and the shades are beautiful. Nude Lustre is, according to reviews, the most popular shade in the line. 

MAC Viva Glam 5 Lipglass:
Another warm gloss that will help to transform a nude that may just be too light to wear on its own.. this shade is a hit with most skin tones and looks great on everyone. Some consider the VG5 lipstick to be nude and if that is so then you can totally pull off nude without fail.

MAC Viva Glam 5 Lipstick and MAC VG 5 Lipglass

#4 Change the Way You Think!

What that means is that some of us have a misconception of what a nude lipstick looks like. Nude lipstick doesn't have to be the shade of concealer or something like MAC Creme D' Nude. Nudes come in all shapes and sizes. There are pinky nudes, peachy nudes, concealer nudes, beige nudes, tan nudes, warm nudes, mauve nudes, the list goes on and on. So when someone says they can't wear nude, they may just have a narrow perception of the shade. If you have done the above three tips and you STILL can't pull it off, then try some of my favorite entry-level nudes:

Nude Lipsticks for the Timid!
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude: 
This is a warm nude that I think almost anyone can wear! It will not wash you out and it looks awesome with Nude Lustre which was mentioned above. 

MAC Myth, Playing Koi, and Revlon Soft Nude (LtoR)
MAC Shy Girl: 
This is more of a peach-toned nude and happens to look amazing on the fair ladies as well as medium complexions. Beyond that, I haven't seen. This is one of those perfect shades that can work for an everyday look.

MAC Hue: 
This is a glaze formula and therefor the sheerness factor makes the paleness factor more of a non-issue. This goes back to what I said about texture, the more sheer the nude is the more wearable and less frightening it becomes.

MAC Viva Glam 2:
This is most definitely a warm toned pink-beige and has some shimmer to it, but be careful, its a Satin formula and you may find this dull and drying. The good news is there is a VG2 coordination lipglass that will finish off the look.

Other nudes to try when you're feeling comfortable and thinking about taking more of a plunge?

MAC Creme D' Nude
MAC Myth
MAC Playing Koi
Gosh Darling #134
MAC Fleshpot
MAC Modesty
MAC Blankety (should probably be in my entry level shades!)

So, I'm dying to know, what are YOUR favorite nudes? And if you have a good drugstore suggestion, I'd love to hear it!  

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  1. hi,
    In europe, every one knows the dm stores, there is this amazing brand called P2 from Germany, it is very cheap cosmetics, affordable and also good pigmentation and quality.
    Park Street is a lovely peachy nude from P2...I would recommend it !

  2. I've heard of P2! I need a German friend, I do a lot of swaps but so far haven't swapped lately w/ anyone in Germany. There is another brand that is sold in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland called Catrice and I'm dying to get a hold of a certain lip liner, I think its cheap too.