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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Enter My Contest For Brand New Urban Decay Naked Palette! See instructions below!


This is what it looks like and also comes w/ a travel sized Primer Potion

So, I'm having a contest in attempt to attract more followers or help to reward someone that is already a follower of my blog. I know I have a lot more readers than followers because I see my stats and know that there are people from various countries all over the world that view my blog so this is my attempt to draw you out!  Plus, I love contests and I love giving so its a win win for me! Anyone who is reading this can enter to win a BRAND NEW IN BOX AND 100% AUTHENTIC URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE purchased by me from Sephora and retails for $48. It's the newer version with the Good Karma eyeshadow brush and travel Urban Decay Primer Potion.  Even if only a few people enter, I'm still going through with the contest! :)

Please read the instructions carefully or you will not be entered.

1. You must be an actual follower of my blog. If you aren't signed up to follow my blog, please do so on the right hand side where it says "follow". 

2. After you are signed up to follow, please leave a comment below in this post. In keeping with the eyeshadow theme, please tell me what your favorite eye shadow is of all time, that one go-to color that you can't go without.

3. ENTER ONLY ONCE PLEASE or I will have to go through and delete the extra comments. 

3. You must be 18 or at least have your parents permission to be giving out your address in the event that you win.

4. Contest is open to anywhere in the world! I will ship anywhere!

5. Winner will be drawn at random using something like

6. Contest will be open for TWO weeks. Winner will be posted and contacted (so make sure you are a follower or I can't contact you) somewhere around this time (May 27).

Thanks for entering and thanks for reading! I will repost this daily.

*Any questions, please contact me or post a comment and I will get back with you shortly.


  1. Love to read your posts daily!

  2. Woops, favorite shadow. I love neutral shades, and have a MAC Haux which is a great neutral beige/purple tone.

  3. Aww thanks for being my first entry Momma~!

  4. Hi! Totally just stumbled upon your blog while looking up the new eye shadow palette I got from my 500 perk from Sephora. I was also really impressed :) I am also a budding beauty blogger and maybe we could collaborate on ideas to grow our blogs.

    As for my entry, my favorite eyeshadow that I use every day is Mac's Nylon. It's a super frosty highlight shade that looks beautiful in the inner corner to really brighten up the eye. I am still in search of the perfect neutrals, as I am currently using NYX (and now TooFaced) so I have had my eye on the Naked Palette forever! Unfortunately, they are sold out everywhere I look, and I can't afford buying it marked up online since I am studying abroad next semester and am having to work full time all summer and putting every last penny into savings for the trip!

    Good luck on growing your blog! It looks incredible thus far :)

  5. Hi Taelor, thanks so much for your comments~! Don't forget to sign up to be a follower in order to be entered into the contest! I would love to check yours out as well!

  6. My go-to eyeshadow would have to be a pigment from MAC called Cocomotion. It is just so pretty. That one eyeshadow is enough for me to create a beautiful eye look that goes well with a lot of lipsticks. :)

  7. My go to shadow would be MAC Pink Opal Pigment :)


  8. My go to eyeshadow is Mac's Naked pigment. It instantly brightens my eyes without being too over the top!

  9. Great contest!! I'd have to say my all time favorite e/s would be MAC Tempting! Its an absolutely gorgeous bronzey-brown color. Love it!!

    Thanks for hosting this contest <3

  10. hey WOW!...finally i have a chance to get my hands on this palette...which i have been trying to get my hands on for so long.....
    my go to eye color: bronze with charcoal gray from Giorgio Armani ocra mediterranean palette 05.....i love them!

  11. Thank you for such an incredible opportunity! I am just one of the saavy and serious that you are catering to! Your blog is one of the best out there. I really enjoy your sense of humor -the more sarcastic, the better!

    Favorite eyeshadow color - Rock and Republic's White Heat.

  12. This was a tough one!!! I wanted to enter days ago but had a difficult time choosing/remembering what I've got. Lol I finally decided that Edward Bess intimate is my favorite! for the moment know how it goes ;)

  13. :) I love Nars Nightbreed eyeshadow since it's a wonderful carbon black color with a hint of shiny glitter, and it's so versatile to use!

  14. Nars Nightbreed is a good one! Looks kinda scary in the pan but very wearable! Nars shadows are very good, their shadows they pair together in the duo's work so well together even though sometimes they look like they wouldn't.

  15. MAC Espresso (hands down). It makes a great crease color and it is my go-to brow filler!

  16. i was looking i was checking out for too faced palette sephora 500 perk and came across your blog :D
    MY FAV eyeshadow is stila kitten . LOVE IT

  17. Thanks so much for entering Sarah, Stila Kitten is also on my love list, so versatile and pretty!

  18. Hi there! My all time favorite eyeshadow is Satin Taupe by MAC. I've tried every duped named for this and none of them have the sheen Satin taupe has! Right now I have 4... 2 in palettes, 1 in my bag and 1 in my backup case.

  19. Do you realize how awesome you are to be giving away an Urban Decay Naked palette...I love this palette soooooo much

    So, following you as Christina
    My favorite eye shadow changes every month BUT right now I'm loving Nutty by Wet N Wild. It's cheap AND gives a great bronze color