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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latest MAC Collection Surf Baby: Release Date May 26th!

I'm a sucker for packaging and therefor love when MAC releases a collection in packaging that deviates from the standard boring black. And that is precisely why I am drawn to Surf Baby. I don't even really care what is inside it, I just really dig the compacts with the adorable surf theme designs. If you haven't seen that beautiful cheek powder called My Paradise adorned with the gold hibiscus flower, see the pictures below and you won't be disappointed. I thought I'd give you a peek at some of the packaging and items in the new collection that is chalked full of limited edition products with the exception of a few items from the permanent line. I'm going to show you what has caught my eye the most and what will inevitably wear down that little black strip on the back of my credit card. Dammit MAC, can't you space your collections out just a little bit further from one another?

Some of the collection highlights? Pigment stacks in two different frosty color schemes, cheek powder with that beautiful gold hibiscus overlay, and those SPF 20 lip tints, not to mention some intriguing new LE lipstick shades. 

What will you be buying from the new collection, anything??

Look how freaking cute these lipsticks are!
This packaging (above) just screams "beach bag contents"
This is the careblend powder compact (above)
Dude. Come on now, does it get any cuter than this?

Super fun and beachy makeup bags in two sizes!

Personally, the boxes are even cuter than the actual product (lipglass)

I've got my nude lipstick loving eyes on that first one on the left!

Watch This!  
You wanna see some of these products in action? I'm waay not cool or famous enough to be sent products in advance to try before the collection releases but some people are so here is one of them!

For a full list of products and prices in the MAC Surf Baby line, Temptalia has a majorly awesome collection of swatches and pictures!

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