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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Makeup 101: How to Wear Your Eye Makeup According to Eye Color

We've all made mistakes with our eye makeup. Sometimes we pick colors that we love but that don't necessarily bring out our own eye color in the best ways. Sometimes the wrong eyeshadow combo can actually diminish how pretty your eyes are. Face it, you should be choosing colors that work with what you have and not with what you want. It really does make a WORLD of difference. Try some of these tips.

1. Think of the color wheel. The color opposite your own eye color on the color wheel is what will be the most complementary. For blue eyes, this color would be orange and for green eyes, this color would be red. I doubt you overly excited about the chance to wear red or orange eyeshadow. You don't have to. Simply pick shadows that may have hints of these colors in them, such as rusty-orange shades rather than just plain orange or cranberry instead of read.

2. Shades like Aubergine or Violet are created from red bases and therefor will intensify green eyes. This is what it means to work with the color family and not the specific color that is opposite of yours.

3. Rich copper shades as well as gold will have an orange undertone and will bring out the blue eyes. 

4. Hazel eyes, being a combination of brown and green can wear most of the shades that those with both brown or green eyes can. 

5. Brown eyed girls have the most selection as far as what looks good on them. To narrow it down, you have to determine what looks best with your skin tone and hair color. Sometimes those with light brown eyes don't look best in what looks best on those with darker brown eyes. 

Color wheels are very useful for choosing makeup or decorating your house! Choose what is opposite your eye color and stick to something in the same family.

Breaking it Down by Eye-Color

Blue Eyed Girls:

*Do not wear blue. Contrary to popular belief, blue does absolutely nothing for you. Why? Because the blue shade of a eyeshadow/liner will compete with the shade of your eyes and you will come out being the loser. No matter how pretty your eyes are, they won't be as vibrant as the shade of a blue shadow or liner. Don't work against your color, work WITH it~!

*Pay attention to the range of color in your blue eyes. This matters. If you have blue-green eyes, you may be able to wear some of the color palettes that a green eyed girl can wear. If you have some violet in those blue eyes (lucky girl), you may be able to wear some of the shades that a hazel, green, OR brown eyed girl can wear. Play around, experiment!

*Generally, you look best in the following colors: Browns, particularly bronze because brown is a complementary color to blue. Also, copper and gold make blue eyes sparkle! Since I have a bit of green in my eyes, I find that shades of violet and eggplant work to deepen my blue eye color.

*Silver can either make or break a blue-eyed girl. Its up to the individuals exact tone of blue and how the shadow is applied. If the silver is over-blended with the accompanying colors, it has the potential to look like you have been punched in the eye. If you are going to use silver, don't use a blue shadow or you run the risk of making this happen. Keep your silver separate and pair it up with a shade that really stands out. 

Blue-Eyed Babes, Try These!
 *MAC Coppering in the crease with a neutral shade on the lid

*Urban Decay Baked palette, the gold tones in this palette as well as the shimmery brown will do amazing things for your blue hue.

*Cover Girl Eyeshadow Trio in Shimmering Sands, a beautiful neutral browns go-to trio that you will use to death.

*MAC Cranberry looks amazing in the crease and really brings out the blue 
Green-Eyed Girls:

*You look especially beautiful in plums, violets, eggplant shades. The purple tones look amazing against green eyes. Chocolate tones and other dark browns as well as dark greens that have copper or gold shimmer or sheen to them. Dark green eyes look best with dark purple! Metallic shades are also your friend.

*Avoid light and dark blue, or pinks and purples with blue undertones. Pink tones are tricky because they can either work amazing or not work at all. Its up to the individuals exact shade of green.  It has also been said that green eyes should avoid silver.

*Not all pinks are alike. Go for the darker pinks instead of the cool-toned pinks. 

*On the other hand, a steel grey eyeliner looks best with green eyes, or something dark brown.

*Greens will work with green eyes if they are DARK green and used in moderation and not as the dominant color.

Green-Eyed Gals, Try These!
MAC Sketch for your crease
MAC Woodwinked, a great metallic tone with a gold sheen to it
NYX Exotic Green
NYX Mermaid Green
Hazel-Eyed Girls:
*Since you have a combo of both brown and green, you can often use the same shades that work with the green or brown eyed girls. It depends how much green and/or how much brown you possess.
*You look best in warm tones, bronzes, deep browns, greens, peaches, and certain pink-toned shades.
*Try to avoid basic black eyeliner, if you are wearing a purple toned shadow, use an eggplant eyeliner. If you are using a brown eyeshadow, use a gold liner.

*Neutral shades add definition to hazel eyes. You can't go wrong with a good neutral brown-based shades. Grey and black can also work if they are not overdone. 

*Try rich golden tones like gold shimmer, sunflower, wheat, sand, mustard tones.

*Avoid using too much blue, which can tend to DULL your gorgeous hazel eyes and have the opposite result as what you're aiming for.   

Hazel-Eyed Beauties, Try These!
MAC Shroom on the lid, and Shag in the crease.
Try Sun or Kitten by Stila on the lid and Heath or Eden (also by Stila) in the crease
MAC Sable is great for those with green-hazel eyes
MAC Sketch is a great one to wear either in the crease or as a liner. It's fail proof for hazel eyes. 
Brown-Eyed Girls:

*Avoid certain shades of brown that can make your eyes appear dull. This is where experimentation comes into play because it will depend on what shade of brown your eyes are and what shade of shadow/liner you are using. If you have dark dark brown eyes, you must lighten up your link or your eyes will appear too harsh. On the other hand if your eyes are in the light-medium brown range, the sky is the limit.

*Typically brown-eyed beauties can pull off most shades but look best in blues, violets, and golds. Just as I've said that for blue-eyed girls, brown will be your friend, it is the same rule for brown eyes just reversed. 

*Metallic browns, golds, and pinks look best. Wearing a pink shade, with a darker pink in the crease will really make brown eyes stand out. 

*Try a neutral shimmering taupe on the lid, and a darker purple, green, or pink shade in the crease. 

Brown-Eyed Girls, Try these!
MAC Goldmine
MAC Humid
MAC Trax in the crease, with a neutral pink on the lid (Naked Lunch or Expensive Pink maybe?)
Almay Intense I-Color Play Up the Brown, takes the guesswork out of choosing your perfect shades because you get all of your complementary shades in one!

*Please take all of my suggestions with a grain of salt. For every suggestion I've made, you can find a contradictory one on a million other sites. Do what works for you and simply use this as a guideline. Remember, this isn't a cut and dry subject. Other things come into play such as skin tone, shade range of eye color, hair color, age, etc. Experiment! Have fun with color and try to work with and not against your eye color!


  1. what colours look best with dark grey eyes?x

    1. Thanks for reading! Purple looks fantastic on dark grey eyes, especially a deep purple like eggplant. Also, dark grey, black, and deep browns work to really make dark grey eyes stand out and the whites of your eyes appear whiter. I would personally suggest something using a deep eggplant purple w/ some shade of charcoal or gunmetal to smoke it out!

  2. I'm not sure what color my eyes are they are a hazely light brown with golden yellow flecks and a bit of blue around the edges. I don't know what category to put them in!

  3. What colors are good on blue green grayish eyes?