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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A KERR-azy Drugstore Find! + Mini Haulage.

I've been to Kerr Drugstore twice now. The first time to buy some emergency makeup when I noticed my skin was peeling off of my face layer by layer (during the first week of Retin A) right before I was about to go into my daughter's school to be the lunch mom. I couldn't embarrass herself or me by looking like I suffered a massive sunburn. So I returned to a different Kerr Drug today to try something new since I always go to CVS. I live life on the wild side, as you can see. 

I went to the makeup aisle first of course and couldn't help but notice their much neater and stocked displays for Wet N' Wild than any other store I'd been to. And for the first time (in my experience) in drugstore history, I saw a tiny OPI display of the old collection with the You Don't Know Jacques and Eiffel for this Color, etc. You know, the French one? And right next to, with absolutely no rhyme or reason or affiliation to this collection in any way, were three bottles of OPI Mad as a Hatter. The super famous multi-colored glitter nail polish from the Alice in Wonderland collection. The one that sells for around $40 on Ebay. The one that I would have sold myself on Ebay for in order to get my hands on it, at one time. Thankfully, it didn't come to that and I was able to get get a couple of them the honest way. But anyway, I saw those bottles and I saw dollar signs. I snatched them up and didn't look back. I looked all down the aisle for more hidden little gems but came away with just the three. I already have my own MAAH so I am not tempted to keep one. 

OPI Mad as a Hatter x 3, and on my own nails is Essie Turquoise and Cacos (love!)
One nail polish that I did purchase to keep for myself was OPI Dulche de Leche from the OPI South American collection. I have to admit, although nothing looked wrong with my MAAH's, the other shades in the display box looked old. Some of them had yellow in the color which didn't disappear after giving the bottle a good shake. But the DDL shade looked just fine. It appears to be a creamy caramel, as the name suggests, but with pinky-taracotta look to it. It may be a refreshing departure from my typically preferred nude shades.

OPI Dulce de Leche
Adding to the mini-haul was another Wet N' Wild Mega-Last lipstick, this time in 902C Bare it All. If you missed my post about yesterday's WNW lipstick purchase, scroll down a couple of posts and check it out. I give an A+ to these lipsticks, having taken two pluses off for more poorly constructed WNW packaging. Bare it all isn't as bare of a nude as most of my others. Its actually the darkest nude that I own, most closely resembling L'Oreal Fairest Nude but with more brown and less pink. If you feel like you can't wear the super light nudes or that your skin tone is too dark for nudes, you should try this shade. It's much darker and warmer than what shades like MAC Myth or Creme d' Nude are. If you like the MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 shade, you will probably like the WNW Bare it All. Swatched on my arm, it appears brown-ish nude with a mauve tint. Take it or leave it, it was $2.99 so its worth a shot. 

L'Oreal Fairest Nude, Wet N' Wild Bare it All, Revlon Colorburst Soft Nude (L to R)
That may just be the miniest haul I've ever done in that I'm keeping two and selling three of the things I bought. Drugstores can be your closest friends when you're trying to stop spending a lot of money on makeup. I am actually a makeup minimalist when it comes to my own collection and the things that I keep which far differs in size to the things I've purchased throughout the years. And I like it like that, I know what I like and what works for me and feel the need to try try try everything I see. Well, that's a total freaking lie because I do feel that need, but my wallet doesn't like to comply.


  1. Oooh Maah ! lucky you !
    Love Dulce de lèche on you !
    Xx. S

  2. Those aren't my nails, but hopefully they will be soon when I get to trying out the Dulce de Leche tonight.. hope I like it :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. great finds! I wish there were lil places like that around here. Nothin but Walgreens and CVS stores! =D