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Monday, June 27, 2011

Amazing, Cheap, and Amazing! Eyebrow Pencils by Ybf

Never heard of Ybf cosmetics? "Your Best Friend" is sold on HSN and is the creation of former model, Stacey Schieffelin. Most famous for her amazing brow pencils, which have sold over 10 million worldwide, while being featured in countless magazines, Stacey brings simplicity and quality to her audience. Where can you buy TWO amazing eyebrow pencils for $20? Its hard enough to just find ONE! Sure, you can find brow pencils for cheaper than this but they sure won't work like Ybf. So here's the 411:

Ybf Eyebrow Pencil Duo
-Sold on HSN, you receive a brow pencil DUO for $20
-Created in one universal taupe shade that adapts to your personal characteristics in order to give you a natural and believable eyebrow shade. No matter if you are a platinum blonde or a red head, it will work!
-They come with an instruction booklet which is most helpful for those that are totally intimidated by doing their brows!
-You get a "must use" spooly brush to comb through your brows after you apply the pencil (in order to simulate a more natural look) on the opposite end of the pencil

You will not be able to find a more loved eyebrow pencil out there, which makes me wonder where I have been all this time.  Do you know how hard it is to get even 10 women to agree with one another on a product, let alone in the hundreds of positive reviews I've read for this brow pencil? Check out Ybf beauty creator, Stacey, and her famous brow pencils in action..

She makes it look so simple doesn't she?

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