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Monday, June 6, 2011

Nails of the Day: Revlon Blue Lagoon

Love this color. Don't love Revlon nail polish staying power. But I love the sky blue with the ever so subtle shimmer. Its a nice deviation from the otherwise very creamy matte shades that Revlon usually produces. Now, I am very picky about blue nail polish. Its either love or hate and very rarely do any make it into the love category. Although blues are a tricky shade for me to enjoy, I've been lucky with Blue Lagoon as well as Essie Lapis of Luxury which is a shade of blue that has more of a purple hue to it. These two have been my go-to shades this summer if I want blue. Three coats is a must for this one as the first and second coat goes on streaky with a semi- rough texture. You need that third coat to smooth it out. Besides being a beautiful shade, its a great balance in that it looks like a matte shade from a distance but up close you can see that very understated shimmer that is periwinkle as well. I have tried the yellow color in the same collection that featured Blue Lagoon and I was not impressed. Its the same concept in formula and faint shimmer but something about yellow nails just doesn't work for me. Yellow makes me think my nails are dirty. Pretty on others, doesn't work for me. I am going to pass up the orange and the pink shades from that same collection because I don't find them necessarily special but Blue Lagoon is a must-have ladies! 

The other shades in this collection, minus the pink one. 

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