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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Picture of Perfection: Kate Middleton + Her Wedding Day Nail Combo!

I am pretty much obsessed with Kate Middleton. The girl just finds it totally impossible to take a bad picture, wear a bad outfit, or look anything less than 100% gorgeous and polished almost 24/7. Even when she's in casual attire or a swimsuit sporting no makeup and "beachy waves", she's a knockout. Like any other makeup psycho, I wondered what makeup she wore and what the brand and name of her nail polish was on her wedding day. They say that she may have done her OWN makeup, or at least purchased the makeup on her own that was to be used on her. There may be a ring of truth to that last part because she was spotted at a Bobbi Brown store just days before the Big Day, purchasing makeup in shades slightly darker than what she normally wears. Given that her makeup was so simple and natural, I am sure she could have managed it on her own but I am betting she didn't. Her makeup was so natural that I was shocked when I read where someone thought she had way too much mascara on. This beauty junkie does not compute. First, what does that even mean? Second, can there be a such thing as too much mascara when you're being photographed and televised during every second of your wedding day? A time when you really NEED your makeup to show up. There is basically not one single thing to attack about Kate's appearance that entire day and talking about her mascara is just being nit-picky. And dim-witty.

Princess Catherine wanted something natural on her nails for her wedding day and I've read that her manicurist used a combination of Essie Allure and a Bourjous polish in "Rose Lounge". These shades were chosen because they matched her skin tone perfectly. That bit of information is awesome but it begs the question, What was the ratio of the Essie polish to the Bourjous? One needs to know measurements here in order to properly steal the look. I'm making a mental note to at least pick up the Allure polish at CVS later. Any good makeup junkie obsessed with Princess Catherine would, right?

Essie Allure & Bourjois Rose Lounge, How much do you want to bet the sales went up just a little bit for these two products?

Some of my favorite "Kate fashion moments" below, there are just so many so it was hard to choose just a few. Such a fashion icon, Kate is such a smart dresser, effortless like a Jackie O. but with the poise and grace of Princess Diana. The new Princess is truly the definition of elegance with the perfect balance of "girl next door", or, rather, "rich girl next door", but still!

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