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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick: Looking for a Dupe? Look Here.

I had my hands on a few of the coveted MAC Candy Yum Yum back when it was released with the Quite Cute collection, of which I sold on Ebay for a decent chunk of change. But my chunk paled in comparison to the much larger chunk it preasently goes for on Ebay, now that the dust has settled and the supply depleted. Do you know that currently there are only two sellers who have it up for auction/buy it now? There was a time when there were two or three pages of CYY options. I should have held on to those puppies! I'm kicking myself. I have seen them sell for around $75 making it just as popular as Pink Friday when it was exclusively sold for a few weeks at the end of last year. Congrats to all of those who were able to snag the hot pink perfection because it is definitely THE lipstick of the year, at least as far as MAC is concerned.

But for those that didn't get a chance to purchase Candy Yum Yum, the matte pink wonder, there is still hope. Either you can snag one for around $75 IF you end up winning an auction or you can settle for a drugstore dupe. Now, there are two kinds of people in the MAC world. Those that don't care that the lipstick is MAC or that its a limited edition item, they just love the color and want it strictly for the color that it will provide for their lips. And then there are those that, while they do like the color and plan to wear the color, they wouldn't pay it much attention if it weren't MAC and weren't limited edition and hard to find. I admit, I am in the latter group. I'm a sucker for hard to find things whether they be MAC or not. For instance, today at Walgreen's I was eyeing some new Maybelline lipsticks on a display in which Christy Turlington, their model, was wearing a certain shade and it looked nothing less than AMAZING on her. I looked down to find the shade and it was sold out, along with all of the other shades but one. Immediately, I began thinking of which stores to hit next in the area to find the lipstick. Completely oblivious to the fact that I am not Christy Turlington and perhaps the beautiful shimmering frosty pale pink was enhanced with the use of fancy editing tools and that it would look nothing like that on me. Where am I freaking going with this? Oh yeah, you may not care to have a drugstore dupe of CYY if you aren't into the lipstick strictly for the color.. Here's what I have found to be the closest dupes, along with a few other suggestions.

Barry M. Lip Paint #62 
(matte neon pink) if you can get a hold of this or have a friend overseas, or you are overseas, you may have a chance for this one but Barry M. isn't sold in the US. So now not only can you get CYY but you can't get the dupe. Ha ha! 

                 Barry M. Lip Liner in #12 is a great match as well.

Photo Credit: AintThatPretty09.blogspot. The Barry M shade VS CYY

Milani Rose Hip

Photo Credit Barogque in Babylon.blogspot

Janet, shade #50, haven't heard of this brand?! Have you been living in a cave?! Just kidding, I don't know this brand either but I've seen it sold on Ebay through Casper Cosmetics. This isn't a matte finish, but the color is very similar to CYY.

Photo Credit Adrienne Adores.blogspot, Janet on the left, CYY on right

Maybelline Fuschia Fever

Givenchy Vamp Pink, MAC CYY, Maybelline Fuschia Fever (left to right)

Wet N' Wild Nouveau Pink

Photo Credit Makeup and Macaroons.blogspot, Wet N' Wild Pink Noveau


  1. These lipsticks really look tempting. The texture of the lipstick is outstanding.

  2. i am so obsessed with these hot pink lippies for months!!!!!