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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dying to Try: Laura Geller Eye Rimz Baked Marbleized Illusion Liner/Shadows

I'm not much of an eyeliner junkie. Most of the time it transfers from my lid to my crease and smudges all over the place. But as I was watching Laura Geller today on QVC, I cannot say I wasn't totally infatuated with the way that the Eye Rimz Baked Marbleized Illusion shadow liners looked. I mean, they were like BAM! I'm including a link to the item on QVC where you can watch the video, because you can't make a decision based on photos alone. In order to truly appreciate the vibrancy of these shades, you need to see them in action.
What are they?
These are baked marbleized liners that you can use wet or dry as an eye liner or dry as an eyeshadow. You will get a bolder metallic color if used wet. The dominant color in the shadow liner is pitch black with swirls of a metallic color, depending on which you choose. The design of this gives multi-reflective results.
Shade Selection:
Cobalt (blue), Violet, Green (my personal favorite and the most vibrant of all the shades), Copper Cadabra (brown), Bronze, Enchanted Forest (dark green), Plum Like it Hot (the darker purple)
QVC price includes the eyeliner brush for $23.52 and this is the LAST day at the featured price.

There are NO photos that do this product justice besides seeing them swatched on the model's hand in the video from the link below. If you want to see it, go to where the photos are and it will give you an option to watch the on-air presentation. Seriously, its worth a look.

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