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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drugstore Gem: Rimmel Moisture Wear Lipstick Vintage Pink + MAC Dupe

If you read my post yesterday, I was talking about some of the great classic Rimmel lipstick shades as well as bringing light to the fact that I don't own the Rimmel Vintage Pink but that it looks amazing and was begging to be purchased. Not much of a time waster when it comes to feeding my cravings, I went out to CVS with my $4 Extrabucks coupon and made the purchase. The Rimmel Moisture Wear lipsticks run around $8.50 in my neck of the woods, by the way. So I put it on and I must say, I didn't get what I expected to see. This is not a bad thing, however, because the color that I did get is still super pretty and totally do-able. What I thought I was getting was something like MAC Snob, a cool-toned blue-pink with some lavender undertones. What I got was kind of a dark mauve. I get it that a person's lip pigmentaion is a factor for how the color translates, but I honestly thought that my lipstick was given the wrong sticker on the bottom.

On to the Rimmel Moisture Wear formula itself, super amazing. It's very opaque, moisturizing, smooth, creamy, and everything that a lipstick should be. It isn't matte or drying, it gives a very nice sheen so that you really do not need a gloss over top to provide one for you. I prefer the Moisture Wear over the Rimmel Lasting Finish any day.

Dupe Alert: They say that Vintage Pink is a good dupe for MAC Syrup. It is not an exact replica by any means, but very close and good enough.

Rimmel Moisture Wear Vintage Pink #380

The way that I wanted Vintage Pink to come off on me
Again, this is what I was looking for and didn't get. I'm totally confused. (above)

The best I can do w/ my crappy Blackberry camera phone (above)

This is more like how it came across on my lips but those are not my lips above

Photo credit: MissPrissyPants, Dupes

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