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Monday, June 27, 2011

Drugstore Gem: NYC Blushable Cream Stick!

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I have tried a few products from the cheapie drugstore brand, N.Y.C. (New York Color) and haven't been disappointed. Much like Wet N' Wild, they have their own little hidden gems in their collections that most people wouldn't try unless prompted to. In NYC's case, their lipstick, liquid eyeliner, and matte bronzer have my total respect as great products. If you want to try a cream blush but don't want to drop the big bucks on one in Sephora or department store, you really can't beat this $2.99 item. There is a range of super pretty colors to choose from and the packaging isn't as flimsy and crappy as WnW plastic is. That's a big plus if you plan to carry one of these in your purse or makeup bag. Another product I can add to my list of products by N.Y.C. that I was pleasantly surprised by. I can now stop being surprised when I use something from the brand and end up really liking it.

Things I like:

-The price tag, $2.99 + 25% off NYC cosmetics at Kerr Drugstore
-The shade selection, especially the beautiful peachy shade that I chose
-Sheer and natural color, no shimmer or glitter
-Like the idea of a stick form for a cream blush rather than a pot or compact (like Stila Convertible's)
-Easy to apply and then just rub into the skin without having to blend it with a brush

Things I Don't Like:

-That they didn't make these sooner
-Lasting power isn't great. My suggestion would be to use it and set it with a powder that isn't going to interfere with the color OR use it as a base for your powder blush in the same type of shade (see below).

How to Use:

-Just apply it to your cheeks or up your cheek bone, wherever you choose to apply your blush, and either blend with fingers or a dense brush (MAC 109 works best for cream blushes)
-Either use it alone or as a base to give your powder blush something to grab on to. Much like an eyeshadow primer would work for an eyeshadow. It may also make your powder blush last longer and give a different tone to the color.

N.Y.C. Blushable Cream VS Stila Convertible Color
Stila Convertible Cream Blush/Lip in Gerbera

-NYC is much less sticky

-NYC is more sheer

-Stila CC lasts longer

-NYC packaging is more sanitary in its packaging

-NYC is way cheaper

-Stila CC can be used on the lips while NYC doesn't make this claim. That is not to say you can't try it...

-NYC is easier to blend with fingers alone, the creamy and sticky texture of Stila CC will require (at least for me) a dense brush for blending unless applied very lightly.

-Stila CC has always broken me out like a teenage boy on prom night, jury is still out as to whether NYC does the same.

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  1. I absolutely love these. I have 3 of the regular shades and one sort of 'limited edition' shade, a sparkly gold type color that came out last summer. With the exception of the gold one, these are some of my favorite cream blushes ever. I purchased one Stila CC & still regret it. I love their smudge pots but not their cream blush compacts. As you said....sticky!

    If you love these, go get yourself some NYX cream blush sticks. They're beautiful in all ways. Great texture, great finish, great shades including mattes. Although not yet enough of them. They're fatter than the NYC ones. NYX also has the Tango With Bronzing Stix which I got online last year and love. They're fat suckers, probably about double the weight of their cream blush sticks, and super pigmented yet easily blended. I've got Cha Cha With Sun God, which is a non-orange toned shimmery bronze, as well as Merengue Flush, which is more of a shimmery peachy pink with very fine gold sparkles in it. Kinda reminds me of NARS Super Orgasm but lighter and not so obnoxious with the chunks of sparkles NARS used, and which I hate. All of my NYX cream stick products are going to last me forever. Try Tea Rose in their regular blush sticks, which is a gorgeous earthy rose matte. Super beautiful stippled and blended on with a less sense stippling brush. It's similar in tone to Makeup Forever's HD blush in shade #8, but far cheaper. I actually prefer the NYX sticks over my MUF HD blushes. Great quality, great price. I love nearly everything NYX puts out so much that I can almost forgive them for those hideous cream glitter palettes LOL