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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Latest Make-Upsession: Gwen Stefani Elle Magazine May 2011

Did anyone see the Gwen Stefani spread in the May 2011 issue of Elle magazine? Holy smokes! I've never seen such gorgeous makeup on Gwen, or anyone for that matter. Normally she is known for her signature red lips (some of her favorites include MAC Ruby Woo or Russian Red) so it was a big departure for her to sport a nude lip. But coupled with the heavy heavy black liner and glamazon lashes, it just worked. It beyond worked. It had me totally drooling. Whatever nude lipstick she is wearing, I want it. I really don't like how Elle says "to get so and so's makeup look, try such and such by L'Oreal..." or something like that. Telling us to TRY a certain product to achieve a similar look to the cover girl is not telling us exactly what product was used in that exact shoot. I've tried to search for the answer and I have come up empty. 
Gwen is an amazing woman to look at. She is just walking artwork. She is always wearing something that you won't see on anyone else because she seems to be two steps ahead of everyone at all times. This is one star that has my total respect because she's genuinely made it BIG in Hollywood without a sex tape or a few stints in rehab. 
Known for being very particular about her makeup, she admits that she wears it every day and doesn't feel "energized" until she has it on. Most of the time she does her own makeup for public appearances! And her husband, Gavin Rossdale, loves her red lips. Gwen says this is a big reason why she keeps it, she keeps the lipstick to keep the husband. I appreciate her candid nature. I dare you to say that this woman isn't the picture of perfection with the most gorgeous to die for makeup you've seen in a long time. 

Are you serious? Breathtaking!

And what is that nail polish she's wearing? It looks gorgeous with the whole look!

The definition of classic beauty and style!

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