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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Drugstore Gem: Lumene Time Freeze Instant Cooling Eye Stick

I hesitate to call this a drugstore gem because although it can be found in a drugstore, it has the price tag not uncommon to a department store ($21). To be fair, the price hovers somewhere in the middle. The brand Lumene can be found at CVS.  No stranger to having to buy something every time she sets her foot in a store that carries beauty products, I picked myself up the Lumene Time Freeze Instant Cooling Eye Stick. I have to admit the words "freeze and cooling" really drew me in. Maybe it was because it was 100 degrees out and we just got done spending the day at the pool and so I was in the mood to be frozen and cooled. And I was depending on this one inch high little stick to do that for me. Have you ever looked in the mirror after coming back from the pool/beach/similar activity? Even though I am adorned in sunglasses and a big hat, my eyes always look haggard out and dry when I've been out in the sun for too long. I needed something. And since I'm no stranger to impatience, I ripped that sucker open when I got in the car and applied the product to my under eye area. Ahhhhhh.... instant refreshment. I dabbed it on all around the eye contour area and then rubbed it in gently. Even if feeling amazing is the only benefit to this product (and I'm not saying it is), that's good enough for me. Its not sticky at all, it rubs in nicely and I actually felt like it brightened me up a bit. I checked the reviews on MUA when I got home and was surprised to see that not everyone shared the same love for the product as I. Others found it to be drying and had a problem with it balling up. I had neither of these issues and, trust me, I am the reigning queen of dry skin. 

A little trick to make this product even better: 

I put this in the refrigerator to make it even cooler when I apply it in the morning. I don't suffer from eye puffiness but its my opinion that the combination of the already present cooling capability coupled with the cooling in the refrigerator will make it an instant de-puffer. This whole "put it in the fridge" concept is amazing for summer time and is a good thing to do for any eye cream to give it a little bit more power in the morning on those puffy eyes. 

What it does:

Infused with Arctic Heather, it aids in taming those dark circles and puffy eyes. This lightly moisturizing stick works to relieve stressed and tired looking eye contour area. Natural Arctic Heather is an ingredient that aids in long-term wrinkle reduction and the protection against future signs of aging. 

Take it for what you will, but on a hot day this stuff feels fantastic.

*don't leave it in your purse if you plan on leaving your purse in the car or being outside w/ your purse, it will melt like a chapstick. 

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