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Friday, May 20, 2011

MAC Lipsticks: Find Good Dupes @ the Drugstore! + Huge Dupe List!

Come on now, whose ears don't perk up a little bit when you hear that there is a dupe out there for a more expensive, high-end lipstick? Well, mine don't. That's only because I have a shopping problem and if I want something, I tend to buy the real thing. But in doing too much of this, I may be relegated to find less expensive versions of the things I love. I hear the question, "Is there a drugstore dupe for this?" a LOT. I have heard and seen a few good dupes for MAC lipsticks and I thought I'd share some of them. I also add more as I find them! Sign up to follow my blog and be updated when I post something new!

***Newly Added 
MAC Innocence Beware
Dupe: Maybelline Colorsensational Nude Nuances (Porcelain Collection)
See Dupe Post Here: Unnatural Beauty: A Humorous and Opinionated Beauty Blog: MAC Innocence Beware, Drugstore Dupe? Maybelline Nude Nuances!

MAC Angel
Dupe: Elf Classy
Above MAC Angel

Above Elf Classy (first one pictured)
MAC Speed Dial
Dupe: Revlon Colorburst in Carnation

Above MAC Speed Dial (right)

Revlon Colorburst Carnation
MAC Viva Glam Gaga
Dupe: Revlon Colorburst Baby Pink

MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga 2
Dupe: NYX Circe

MAC VG Gaga 2 (above)

NYX Circe
MAC Viva Glam II
Dupe: L'oreal Fairest Nude

MAC VG II Lipstick (left) and Lipglass (above)

L'Oreal Fairest Nude
MAC C-Thru Lipglass
Dupe: Milani Secret #12

MAC C-Thru first one pictured (above)

Milani Secret #12

And if that wasn't enough for you, I found this mega-monster of a dupe list on that I thought I'd share with you. I haven't personally seen many of these pairs side by side so I don't know about the accuracy but if you are interested in any of the dupes, I suggest you check them out and use your own judgment. List courtesty of

MAC Blonde on Blonde: Wet 'n Wild 770A Gold Rush
MAC Bubbles lipstick: Wet 'n' Wild #516A lipstick
MAC Carnal lipstick: L'Oreal Wine and Dine lipstick
MAC Creme de la Femme lipstick: Rimmel Asia, Milani Pink Chiffon
MAC Cyber lipstick: Manic Panic lipstick in Black Witch
MAC Dainty Cake lipstick: NYC Firefly #306b
MAC DEl Rio lipstick: Cosmetic Factory Brazil lipstick, Necessities lipstick in LeeAnn
MAC Delish lipstick: Wet 'n' Wild Ice Cream lipstick
MAC Diva lipstick: Jane lipstick in Really Raisin
MAC Film Noir lipstick: L'Oreal Colour Endure lipstick in Hot Fudge
MAC Flavour lipstick: Maybelline Nude Pink lipstick
MAC Frenzy lipstick: Revlon Bamboo Bronze lipstick
MAC Frou lipstick: Bonne Bell Vanilla Volts lipstick
MAC Grid lipstick: Bonne Bell LipGear in Traffic Jam
MAC Haku lipstick: Wet 'n' Wild #546-A lipstick
MAC High Tea lipstick: Rimmel Airy Fairy, Milani Sheer Lipstick in Amaterro
MAC Hyper lipstick: Revlon Granite lipstick
MAC Impish Lipglass: Rimmel Vinyl Lip in Eastend Snob
MAC Lame lipstick: Prestige Sorbet lipstick
MAC Lip Lacquer in Acrylicka: Maybelline Lip Polish in Mauvie Star
MAC lip liner in Girlfriend: Prestige lip liner in Baby
MAC Lip Liner in Mahogany: Prestige Auburn
MAC Lip liner Stripdown: Rimmel Femme Fatale
MAC Lip Pencil in Plum: Prestige Lip Pencil in Deep Plum, Revlon Colorstay Plum
MAC Lip Pencil in Spice: Cover Girl CG Smoothers Lip Liner in Cinnamon Slick, Wet 'n Wild #712 or #666; Avon - Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Glimmer Simply Spice; Annabelle Lip Pencil in Spice, Prestige Sand, Estee Lauder Spice
MAC Lip Pencil in Test Pattern: Sephora Lip Pencil 114
MAC Lipglass in Chai: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Cappuccino
MAC Lipglass in C-thru: Milani Secret #12 gloss, Prestige Vinylwear lipgloss in Liquid
MAC Lipglass in Dreamy: Wet 'n Wild Precious Metals Lip Gloss in Sugar Plum
MAC Lipglass in Explicit: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Shoutin' Sugar
MAC Lipglass in Fancy That: Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Marquise Peach
MAC Lipglass in Freezefrost: Wet 'n Wild in Shimmy Shimmer
MAC Lipglass in Lust: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Cappuccino, or Mocha Mousse,Neutrogena Lip Gloss in Chic, Prestige Vinylwear in Cha Cha, Jane Mirage Lip Dips pot lipstick, Almay 1 Coat lipgloss in Blush, L'Oreal ColuorJuice in Passionfruit Squeeze
MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe: Chanel Glossimer in Sirop, or Volage, Neutrogena Lip Gloss in First Blush, NYC in Sungold Pink
MAC Lipglass in Nico: Maybelline Lip Polish in Purple Passion, L'Oreal Glass Shines in Luminous Lilac & Lilac Crystal
MAC Lipglass in Nymphette: Rimmel Lip Gloss in Airy Fairy
MAC Lipglass in Oh Baby: Neutrogena Lip Gloss in Glimmer, Rimmel Vinyl Lip in Cosmic, Milani Serendipity gloss,Revlon Lip Glace in Lounge Lizard, L'Oreal Glass Shine in Bronze Radiance
MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl: Caboodles Lip Dee-lish in Deelux, Neutrogena Lip Gloss in Tickled, NYC Lipstick #548A
MAC Lipglass in Pink Clash: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Berry 'Nilla Creme
MAC Lipglass in Pop Mode: Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Jewels 'n Berries
MAC Lipglass in Prrr: L'Oreal Colour Juice in Mai Tai, Almay One Coat Lipstick in Petal; Rimmel Lip Vinyl in Essential; Rimmel Lip Vinyl in East End Snob; Wet 'n Wild Liquid Lipstick in Rose Gold
MAC Lipglass in Revealing: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Cappuccino
MAC Lipglass in Russian Red: NYC Kiss Gloss in Cherry, Prestige Vinylwear in Sleek
MAC Lipglass in Song and Dance: Prestige Vinylwear in Mica
MAC Lipglass in Underage: Wet 'N' Wild Glassy Gloss in Sugar Glaze
MAC Lipglass in V-Red: Prestige lip liner in Baby
MAC Lipglass Love Nectar: Milani Coral Shimmer
MAC Lipglass Lovechild: Rimmel Snog
MAC Lipglass Viva Glam V: Neutrogena Dreamy Sally Hansen Royal Romance
MAC Lipliner Whirl: Rimmel Darling Nude
MAC Lipstick in Midimauve: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Smokey Rose
MAC Lipstick in O: Chanel Glossimer in Spark, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Copperglow Berry, Jordana Bahama Bronze
MAC Love Nectar lusterglass: Milani Coral Shimmer lipgloss
MAC Lovechild lipglass: Rimmel Snog
MAC Lust lipstick: Maybelline Great Wear lipstick in Silver Lilac, Revlon Virtual Violet lipstick
MAC Lustreglass in Star Nova: Sonia Kashuk Sexy lipgloss
MAC Modum lipstick: Almay Malt lipstick
MAC O Lipstick: Jordana Bahama Bronze; Revlon Mulled Cider; Prestige Fudge Brownie Aromatherapy Lipgloss; Wet 'n Wild #769
MAC Oak: Rimmel Femme Fatale
MAC Odyssey lipstick: Bonne Bell LipGear in Berry Bash
MAC Pervette lipstick: Jane HipLips in Pink Slip
MAC Plum Liner: Revlon Colorstay Plum liner
MAC Retro lipstick: Jane Lipstick in Browned Down Red
MAC Rockocco lipstick: Milani Candy Apple lipstick
MAC Russian Red lipstick: Sonia Kashuk lipstick in Geisha or Prestige Lipstick in Fatal Red
MAC Sequin lipstick: Almay Sequin one coat lipstick
MAC Spice Liner: Wet n’ Wild #666 or #712 Liner
MAC Spirit lipstick: Cosmetic Factory Angel lipstick
MAC Strawberry Blonde: Victoria's Secret Love Bite
MAC Strength lipstick: Avon Brilliant Moisture Lipstick in Tiger's Eye
MAC Touch lipstick: Jane Browned Down Red lipstick, The Body Shop Vanilla lipstick
MAC Twig lipstick: Avon Twig lipstick, Prestige VIP lipstick, Jane LipHuggers in Kind Of Carob;
MAC Underworld: Neutrogena in South Beach
MAC VGV lipglass: Neutragena Dreamy lipgloss or Salley Hansen Diamon Lip Treatment in Royal Romance
MAC Viva Glam II lipstick: Jane Flipstick in Roseland, Maybelline Great Wear Lipstick in Flesh
MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Viva Glam V: Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss in Dreamy, Milani Sher Lipstick in Pink Chiffon, Neutrogena Moistureshine Tinted Lip Balm in Clean #20
MAC Wuss lipstick: Avon Spice lipstick, Wet 'n' Wild #547A lipstick
MAC XS lipstick: Cosmetic Factory Extra lipstick, Wet 'n' Wild #506A lipstick     

If You'd Like a Closer Look @ Some Dupes, Check Out the Vids!


  1. thats a big dupe list put together for MAC lipsticks....nicely done!

  2. I wish I could take credit for all that work! But I found the list on and thought I'd post it because people are always looking for things like this!

  3. Love the shades...the Revlon Color burst has also some very good shades for the darker skin tones.MAC lipsticks bring a lot of quality with them and that is why they are so loved.

  4. Great list (whether it's yours or not)!

    I can easily say that MAC's Prrr & Rimmel's East End Snob are not very similar (in my opinion). As far as I know, a dupe should be almost identical and very similar to what it's being compared to, and those two are not.

    Prrr is a pale, frosty, pinky peach GLOSS, where as East End Snob is a lipliner. I can only assume they meant Snog, which IS a Vinyl Gloss (and it sounds like Snob), so I will compare Snog, which is a true rose pink (no frost, no peach). I love both colors, but would not consider them to be similar at all. I think Snog would be more of a dupe for Shiseido's gloss in Chianti Rose.

    I own WnW lipliner #666 and think it's a great product; very inexpensive, odd color to describe - not wine, burgundy, or maroon, but kind of in that family, yet so easy to pair with a variety of different shades! I cannot compare it to MAC's Spice, but can say MAC describe's it as "pink cinnamon stick."

    That's all I have - hope everyone is safe and kind :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, I am not sure how good any of these dupes are.. so that is good to know! And yeah the East End Snob thing doesn't make any sense ha ha! I will tell you I've been wearing that WNW #666 liner for roughly 15 years... yikes and it is an excellent dupe for Chanel Lip Liner in Nude. Both are that bronzey shade of pink. I hesitate to say pink but you know what I mean. Great comment, thank you!