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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Food For Thought: Cosmetic Segments on Home Shopping Networks!

I was recently inspired to write a little bit of an opinion blog about my feelings on those cosmetics segments on the home shopping networks. I have a feeling that I am not the only one that gets lured into their powerful selling tactics and product descriptions. So here I go....

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with the segments on QVC and HSN when they are featuring cosmetics. From Laura Geller to Mally Cosmetics to Lancome and Philosophy, those product descriptions and how-to demonstrations are like crack to a beauty junkie such as myself. Have you ever noticed, and not just with cosmetics either, that the host can show you an item and you think "that's tacky" or you just aren't interested in it? But 10 minutes into it you have not only changed your mind but you desperately want it and think you just HAVE to have it. It's like magic. Do you know that saying to describe someone who is such a good sales person that they could "sell a ketchup popsicle to a lady wearing white gloves?" That statement hits the nail on the head when it comes to those cosmetics demonstrations and the persuasive sales pitch. Furthermore, when they have the actual designer of the brand on along with the host, forget about it, the deal is sealed and the credit card is charged. 

A Couple of Segments That Get Me Every Time!

Today I was sucked into the powers of Wen Conditioning Cleanser by Chaz Dean. The demonstration and before and afters were very powerful, let me tell ya. They took pictures of the "Wen Girls" which are just pretty girls with gorgeous hair, a year or more ago and then showed what their hair looks like today after only using Wen. Chaz would say things like "June of 09 was the last time that lather has touched so and so's head". I don't know how much of it is hyped up but if it is true, the results are pretty impressive. So its a shampoo that doesn't lather but rather feels like your hair does when you put your conditioner on. Which could take some getting used to and could make you feel like your hair isn't getting clean. I think Chaz is using the term "lather" as if its synonymous with "sulfates" because the sulfates are what makes the shampoo lather.As I've said previously, lather isn't always your friend unless its a sulfate-free lather but it is possible to get a sulfate-free shampoo that does lather! f you have no clue what that means, go read my post about it from last month. So the next step after cleansing is when you use a pump or more (according to hair length and thickness) as a leave in conditioner when styling. This particular Wen product is now available in several different scents made for various hair types. The original, Almond Mint, is that fail proof, go-to formula that anyone, regardless of hair type, can use. Same for the Pomegrante scent which has become wildly popular since its release. Otherwise, Wen makes several other scents for those with oily scalps to fine or damaged hair. If you're interested in knowing a little bit about what exactly a Conditioning Cleanser is, you can see some of the broadcast from a QVC episode below (this one isn't the newest so it may not have all of the current available formulas)

*there is a part 2-4 and you will need to go to the next one when the first video finishes

And if the Wen products weren't enough, QVC had an hour or so long segment today with Mally from Mally Cosmetics. If you don't know her, she's a drop dead gorgeous celebrity makeup artist and creator of her own line, Mally Cosmetics. I have been wanting to try a couple of her items for years now. I've heard that her mascara is super great as well her eyeshadow pencils that look kind of like a thinner NYX jumbo shadow pencil. Speaking of these shadow sticks, the demonstrations are so convincing and they make it looks so easy and perfect for days when you have no time but can't bear to go out with naked lids. If you're interested in a kit rather than a bunch of separate products, here is one featured on QVC, and a video below to show you how quick and easy it is to use each product to achieve a full face. Take a look if you can stand to hear the word "amazing" about 25 times. But hell, if I looked like her that word may make its way into my own vocabulary a lot more often.

If you want to see some of Mally Cosmetics up close and even see how they perform, here's a video review and tutorial using the products. Which... will.... do you zero good unless you miraculously have the kit and have it right next to you.

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