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Saturday, May 28, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection: Picked Up a Couple Little Things While I Was Out!

I ended up buying two things from Surf Baby, My Paradise Cheek Powder and Hibiscus lipstick. Coincidentally, they were the two things that sold out the fastest both online and in store. Actually, not really a coincidence because thats pretty much the reason why I wanted them in the first place. I have a sickness, don't judge. But I was weak to the beautific nature of My Paradise Cheek Powder. As if the packaging weren't cute enough, that gold overlay of the Hibiscus flower on the powder was a total deal sealer. This is some heavily pigmented stuff too, let me tell ya. It's a very pretty peach that borders an an orange shade, darker than a standard MAC peach blush. If you're familiar with Ripe Peach Ombre,  My Paradise looks nothing like it. This powder also has shimmer. And I don't know why MAC doesn't just call it a blush. It's like their giving you directions with naming it "cheek powder". And what's the diff between beauty powder and cheek powder? Well, for one, the cheek powder is waaay more pigmented with a much better texture than the beauty powder which is so dusty that you need 100 coats to get some color pay off. But if someone were to come along and blow on your face, off it would fly, into the wind never to be seen again. My Paradise is not like that. Oh, and the gold flower in the blush isn't what supplies the gold shimmer but rather, both parts to the blush have gold shimmer. 

MAC Hibiscus Review:
I heard that Hibiscus lipstick is like no other MAC shade and that its a must-have, unique color. That paired with the fact that it sold out fast, and I love coral, made it a no brainer. Hibiscus is a cremesheen, thank God. I can't tolerate another shade that I love being a satin formula. Its like having a gorgeous, hot pair of shoes but they're so incredibly uncomfortable to walk in that its almost not worth wearing them. So the lipstick applies like any other cremesheen but seeing as how the color is deeper and brighter than say "Creme Cup" or another neutral, it doesn't maximize the imperfections on the lips as much as a light shade would. The color is a very opaque, orange-toned red with some pink thrown in there for good measure. Its more both more red and more orange than other corals I own but the pink undertones kind of balance it all out to make it work. It is a deeper orange tone than MAC Ravishing which tends to be more of an approachable look with those comfortable peach tones. But Hibiscus is still a great shade, no doubt. I think it would look best on medium to darker skin tones but I'm a fair-medium and I can pull it off. Corals look excellent on brunettes especially. Just my opinion.  

Oh, and I haven't used My Paradise yet so I will get back with ya on that one!

MAC Hibiscus Lipstick, Cremesheen formula

My Paradise Cheek Powder: the gold, the coral, the mixture of both
Photo from I had to post this because look how gorgeous this color looks on her!

MAC Hibiscus Lipstick swatch, pure gorgeousness.. ahh...

This gives me an idea. Maybe since I think Hibiscus is so beautiful, you may think its so beautiful too and therefor may like to see it as a prize for my next contest? I mean, even if you hate the color, its not like you are paying for it. Stay tuned for further details on the next contest, coming soon...

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  1. I got the My Paradise too, and still havent used it, its just to pretty to even attempt to swatch or use or anything! ah maybe I'll get over it soon! :)