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Sunday, May 15, 2011

REPOST! Urban Decay Naked Palette Contest Link

Like a broken record, I will be re-posting my contest link time and time again so that I don't lose my original contest post in the sea of new posts I'm writing.Why not just re-post the original? Because then I would have entries on several different versions instead of just the one. So I am just going to annoyingly remind you daily, maybe even hourly, that there is a contest and you are free to enter. See below for details and please read the instructions!

If you log on and constantly see this current post as the most recent, just scroll down and I'm sure there will be new "non-contest" posts. I would hate to have you think you are all caught up just because you see the same contest post on the front page. 

Thanks so much for all who have entered already! It means a lot to me and I appreciate you taking the time to enter and follow my blog.

Now, go find out what the top three things are that you must have to age gracefully..  Read my post below! 

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