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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sephora Freebie: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Greed

I love Sephora Beauty Insider gifts. Some may think because they are free. Well, let's face it, they aren't free because one has to pay a pretty penny to get them as often as I do! But the real reason I love them is because I get to try things I never would have purchased had they not been free. After I cashed in my 500 points to get the Too Faced "eye love" eyeshadow palette, I had a few hundred points left over (I know I know, I'm terrible), so I got one of the 100 point perks, Urban Decay Primer Potion in shade: Greed. Love it! It comes off kind of scary in the tube but blends into a beautiful, subtle, very fine shimmering gold. It brightens up your shadows instantly and provides this gorgeous sheen that is evident through the eyeshadow. Typically, a shadow primer is supposed to make your shadows appear more vibrant. I for one have never noticed this quality when using the regular UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Not that I don't think they work well, I just don't notice a difference in the vibrancy of my shadow. That is why I am so impressed with Greed because it gives your shadow a kick and it deviates from the normal results that a primer provides. And best of all, if you weren't in the mood to wear eyeshadow one day, you can apply some of the Greed and you have instant and subtle color that isn't (hopefully) going to budge! And if you enjoy a colored shadow primer, I also recommend UD Sin, which is a beautiful shimmering champagne.

Photo from (unblended (right) and blended (left)
Overall Grade: A++

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