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Friday, May 27, 2011

Makeup Tip of the Day: Making Liquid Eyeliner Easy

I don't know about you but I've been using liquid and/or gel eyeliner in all forms for years, and yet I am still not comfortable with applying it. Its a similar feeling to when I'm putting nail polish on my right hand. And those times when I can't will myself to keep my liner from jacking up, cleaning up the mistake is not as easy as it may seem. Often times, an entire do-over of your eyeshadow and liner is in order because in cleaning up the liner mess, you end up rubbing off parts of your eyeshadow. So.. I have a little tip for the beginners and the pro's to bring a little peace of mind and ease of use to your liner application.

I am sure you don't feel quite as nervous when applying a regular pencil or one of those twist up liners, right? So use this stuff first. Draw on your liner first with your pencil or whatever is most comfortable for you and THEN go over that line with your liquid or gel liner. This way you already have the foundation and a guideline to stick to when your trying to figure out how to put that liner on straight without any freak jerks of the hand or do-overs in your future. Its quick and easy and it will save you a headache and those q-tip clean ups that end up resulting in frustration. And if you have a hard time even applying the pencil liner, there is no hope for you. 

Some Amazingly Good & Amazingly Cheap Liquid/Gel Eyeliners:

Wet N' Wild Mega-Last Liquid Liner: 
This stuff stays the hell put. Cheap and effective and good for times when you think you will be crying that day. A make-up artist friend of mine prefers this in black over any other liner she's used.

Wet N' Wild Mega-Eyes Cream Liner: 
Seriously, this stuff is amazing. The black happens to be the blackest black I've ever used. If I had to choose between this and MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, I'd feel better protected from smudging and transferring in the WnW.

Maybelline Line Works Waterproof Liner: 
Tried and true, safe and reliable, transfer-resistant liquid liner. Easy to apply in that the felt applicator tip offers you more control than a brush does.


  1. Hi Angela! Thanks for the tips!I currently use the Shu Uemura gel eyeliner, but you should check out the Kiss Me Slim Liquid eyeliner from Japan! Babykula_318 is selling them on ebay for $11. Amazing product! Better the high end brands I swear:):)The reviews are pretty good if you want to check out:)

  2. Thanks so much for reading and for your recommendations. I've never heard of the Japanese liner, that is very tempting, does it stay put??

  3. HI!Yes!!! I discovered the Kiss Me line from blogger Lotus Palace who specializes in Japanese brands. I did not stop there, also checked other reviews as well so ended up buying it on ebay for 11$. The pen tip is ULTRA fine, ink very pigmented and OMg! it does not bulge once it's set. I marvel at the Japanese quality high standard. :):)