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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time for the June Contest! Win a BNIB MAC Hibiscus Lipstick from Surf Baby!

I love contests. I am going to have one once a month or until I go broke. This time I am going to go a little cheaper than last month and give away the new MAC Hibiscus lipstick from the Surf Baby collection. To be fair, the word "cheaper" is rather subjective, depending on how you assess the value of it since its SOLD OUT online and  in the stores I've checked. This situation tends to elevate the value of the lipstick, as we are all aware of, when it comes to MAC. I chose this color out of the collection because I feel its most wearable and the most flattering for various skin tones. Hibiscus is a truly lovely shade which is going to be perfect for summer. Its a bright and cheery combination of orange-red-pink and very unique to the MAC lipstick shades.
And in my quest to branch out and try new brands, I want to know:

1.What is your favorite MAC lipstick and what is your favorite NON-MAC lipstick? 

My answer: Mac Creme d' Nude. For non-Mac, Estee Lauder Rose Amethyst

Contest Rules:

1. Must must MUST be a follower. Just sign up to the right in the side bar by clicking "follow". If for some reason this doesn't work, send me your email address and I will send an invite.

2. Must be 18 or over or at LEAST have your parents permission so that they don't think I'm a creepy old lady trying to groom their young daughters for God knows what.

3. I will ship to ANYWHERE in the world, no matter where you reside, you are free to enter!

4. Please comment only once unless you have something else to say aside from the contest. Only your entry with the answer to my contest question will be considered.

5. Answer these questions from above. And you can be as detailed as you like because I want to know what others like!

Contest open from NOW until June 15th (My Birthday! Which would be totally exciting if, say, I was turning 21 or even 25 or hell, even 29. Anything that begins with a "2" would be fine but, sadly, it starts with a "3" and ends with a "3".

Goodluck and I hope you enter every month for a chance to win something different yet hopefully relevant to the current makeup trends and new collections. And hey, if you hate the lipstick shade I'm giving away, so what! It's free! Exchange it for something else! :)


  1. First comment woohoo! :)

    My fave MAC lipstick is hands down Candy Yum Yum!
    Non MAC would have to be NYX Strawberry Milk :)

  2. FAV Mac: Shy Girl Fav Non-:Make up Forever Instense.

    So excited about the contest. Keep my fingers crossed!

  3. 1.What is your favorite MAC lipstick and what is your favorite NON-MAC lipstick?

    mac: Ever Hip

    Non mac: pink wink 20 by maybelline!

    thank you so much for this giveaway!!!!

  4. My favorite Mac lippie is also CANDY YUM YUM not just b/c of the amazing color payoff but b/c I got a chance to meet a pretty cool chick *smiles*

    I'm really loving MUFE's #24 Rouge Artist Intense lippie. It's a refreshing coral lippie that really shows up nicely!

    I'm tweeted your blog and the contest as well as posted it on my Facebook fan page...I hope you get tons of participants!


  5. i dont own any mac lipsticks but ive seen alot of review on da yt and i would have to say i like up the amp its a beauteeful purpleish shade and i also like st germaine by mac very pretty pinky color.
    my favorite non mac lipstick i would have to say is rimmel london airy fairy love it such a soft nude pinkey poo color lol

    ty 4 da giveaway
    my girl kokofemme sent me yay!!!!!!

  6. @Kathleen is unable to post comment so her entry is: Fave MAC lipstick: See Sheer, Non-MAC: Sheer Red by N.Y.C.

  7. fav mac: Viva glam cindi, non-mac: givenchy rouge flamboyant 03

  8. My favorite MAC lipstick is Syrup and favorite non MAC is Strawberry Suede by Revlon

    Thank you for the giveaway

  9. My favorite Mac lipstick is Hue, and my favorite non-Mac is Lancome Love It!

  10. My favorite MAC lipstick is Hue because it is the perfect light pink for me without making me look washed out or dead haha :)

    My favorite non-MAC lipstick is Champagne On Ice by Revlon because it's a very pretty interesting color.

  11. My favorite MAC lipstick is Viva Glam IV

    My favorite non-MAC is Covergirl Shiny Copper

  12. Entry for Kristin who can't add comments: Fave MAC lipstick is Bust Out and no non-MAC fave because all she wears is MAC!

  13. mac favorite lipstic hue
    non mac favorite lipstick nyx round lipstick in thalia and tearose

  14. Happy (almost) Birthday! And isn't 30 the new 20!? lol Don't feel bad, you still look fab! :)

    My favorite MAC lipstick is Viva Glam II. It is my most worn shade, everyday go to color. And my favorite non-MAC lipstick would be.... hmm, I guess NYX Circe or Pumpkin Pie. But honestly, I am a MAC lipstick girl all the way. I almost never wear any other lipsticks. But lipgloss is a whole other story, I branch out more there.

    Good luck everyone! And thanks for hosting the giveaway :)


  15. My fave MAC lippie would have to be Troublemaker. I believe it was LE (it's a Dazzle Lipstick) but it's this gorgeously bright and sparkly fuchsia colour.

    My fave non-MAC lippie is currently Dior's Rouge Dior in Mazette (028) which is a wonderful, bright coral colour. As you can tell, I really love bright lipsticks!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  16. My favorite MAC lippie is Can't Get Enough. I use it everyday. Just love the color.

    My favorite non-MAC lippie is Armani shine in 7. I love this when I want pink bronze.

    Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway.

  17. Fav mac: everhip
    fave non mac: Hard Candy's Prowl

  18. My fav Mac lipstick is ... Viva glam v
    My fav Jon Mac lipstick is ... Chanel coco rouge shine

    I'm new to your blog but in loving it so far <3. xxx ....... Keep up the good work :)

  19. I have never used mac lipsticks so I cant say which one is my fav thats why I wanna win :D btw where are you going to announce the winner? :D

  20. My favorite MAC lipstick is Hue. It is the perfect nude! My favorite non MAC lipstick are the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté lipsticks in all colors. The texture is amazing!!
    Michelle (

  21. Omg! I have been looking for this but can't get hold of it :(
    Thanks for doing the giveaway! Now I have a chance!
    My fave MAC lipstick atm is Crosswires ( so summery) and non MAC would have to be .... Illamasqua Atomic which has amazing staying power and so pretty!

    Following via gfc, email is

    Blog is if you would like to visit

  22. fave mac: see sheer
    fave non mac: Dior addict in Tokyo

  23. 1.What is your favorite MAC lipstick and what is your favorite NON-MAC lipstick?

    My answer: Mac sheen surpreme in bare again. For non-Mac, mark coral fixation

  24. Gosh that's hard!! I have so many favourite MAC lipsticks!! This is gna be a tough one. But I think I'm going to have to narrow it down to which one I wear most often lol.

    Favourite MAC Lipstick: For every season/day/etc - Creme Cup, For summer (Just cause it's almost summer or well.. practically summertime lol) - Candy Yum Yum!! (HANDS DOWN)

    Favourite Non-MAC Lipstick: Rimmel Airy Fairy! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

  25. My favorite MAC lipstick is Candy Yum-Yum, but I don't own it ^.^; I also want to someday buy Quite the Thing!, Ultra Darling, Insanely It, and Dark Side ... my favorite non-MAC lipstick is Revlon Colorburst Soft Rose, I wear it more often than not!


  26. My fave MAC lipstick is Girl About Town 'cause it screams for me to be noticed!

    I love NYX Paris 'cause it's a cute Barbie pink. :D

  27. Entry for CarrotCake00 who is unable to post comment:

    My favorite lipstick from MAC is Viva Glam Gaga cause it's a very pretty soft pink.

    My Non MAC lipstick that I love is Covergirl's lipstick in #300 (flame) it's a bright red, but when you apply it, it's very subtle and not like scary red like geisha kind lol...

  28. My favorite Mac lipstick is Creme Cup,my favorite non mac lipstick is Coral Shimmer by Rimmel.

    I am following your blog with my yahoo account :)
    my youtube user is Juicygabby04,id love for you to check it out

  29. favorite mac lipstick is wonder woman spitfire
    favorite other brand lipstick is chanel rouge coco la pausa :) with chanel groite lipliner :)

  30. Favorite Mac lippy, Rebel. Non-Mac, Korres in Rose

  31. mac lipstick fav: Troublemaker

    non mac fav: Revlon Mauve


  32. 1.What is your favorite MAC lipstick and what is your favorite NON-MAC lipstick?
    - Favorite MAC lipstick has to be Candy yum yum!
    - Favorite NON-MAC has to be NYX Pumpkin Pie

    I would love to have Hibiscus to my collection, unfortunately i was hesitant to purchase this, now that its sold out i want it ! :[