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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Essie Collection: Braziliant Summer 2011 At Target Now!


So I've read that the new Essie collection, Braziliant, is due to hit stores in June but as I was maneuvering my cart around the corner at Target on my way to the cash register, I saw a group of gorgeous shades screaming my name. It was the new Essie collection, Braziliant, featuring Absolutely Shore. In my opinion, Absolutely Shore, a very pale and creamy seafoam, was the stand-out and therefor made its way into my cart. I wouldn't call it a true mint green or seafoam green (as its been referenced) because its much more pale. When I think of a true mint green, I think of something like Essie Mint Candy Apple or China Glaze Refresh-mint and Ab Shore just doesn't share the same "minty-ness".

Absolutely Shore is very much a creamy pale shade and very subtle seafoam shade without being too much in your face. Three coats necessary to achieve the color payoff as seen below. I doubt anyone will get my completely random color comparison, but Ab Shore reminds me of a shade that the grandma's would flip for at JCPenney (worked there in college) when offered in a polyester blend elastic waist pant come springtime. My grandma did anyway. So check it out, along with the other shades in the collection. If you can't find it at your drugstores, try Target.
Essie Absolutely Shore (above)

From L to R Super Bossanova, Smooth Sailing, Braziliant, Too Too Hot, Absolutely Shore, Meet Me at Sunset (photo stolen from

Is it just me or does the fourth and sixth shade look awfully similar to one another? Do we really need three variations of orange with two of them only a shade or so apart from one another?

My thoughts on the collection without having used but one color is that the Super Bossanova is nothing special and wouldn't be a shade I'd have to have. I like statment making colors and therefor Smooth Sailing and Braziliant may be next on my list. As for Too Too Hot and Meet Me @ Sunset, not really doing much for me.

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