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Monday, May 30, 2011

Nail Tip: How to Paint the Opposite Hand with Ease!

This may be the dorkiest post I have ever done and this tip may just sound totally uncreative but it works well for me and in using this tip, my right hand now looks just as neat as my left hand when it comes to my painted nails. You know that we all have this problem with our coordination in the hand opposite to the one that we write with while attempting to paint our own nails. I used to just sit at the table or stand at my counter to paint my nails but I was missing the elbow support that one needs for a well-balanced, steady, polish application. It wasn't enough to have had my wrist resting on the hard surface I was doing my nails on. So I started to do this: I sit on the ground with my knees bent, feet on the floor, and nail polish bottle conveniently placed in between my knees for easy accessibility. In this position, you can rest your whole forearm on your leg while painting the opposite hand. The elbow support is the key to a neat and precise application. No more do-overs and no more uneven applications. Unless someone comes and bumps you or you drop that polish out from in between your knees, then you're pretty much screwed. Tight grip ladies, tight grip. Here are some really lame photos to give you the idea of proper polish position.
I give my 5 year old credit for taking this photo for it was the only place that the lighting was decent, I don't really do my nails sitting on the stairs.

Like I said, make sre you have a tight grip on that polish bottle, its kind of a thigh workout while you paint.

Oh, nail polish featured in today's post is Essie Lapis of Luxury, currently available @ most drustores and Wal Mart and highly recommended.

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