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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Nude Lipstick Radar: Gosh Cosmetics Velvet Touch #134 Darling (UPDATE)

Nothing like really wanting a lipstick whose company is based out of Denmark and is only widely available in Europe and other places (I've heard a while ago at Shopper's Drugmart in Canada) you can't hop in your car and get to. Throw in another obstacle when there is only one on Ebay sold from a US location and the shipping is $12.00 with bids already up to $15 with loads of time left on the auction. Ironically, its cheaper to purchase it from one of the UK sellers, which of course, is what I am in the process of doing. I bought it for $8 GBP which is roughly $13 US dollars with around $7 shipping. Not bad! Now I only have to wait 3 months for its arrival!

Gosh Velvet Touch #134 Darling

Picture (above) stolen from blogger Cupcakes & Cherries
Oh, you want to know something about the lipstick besides how to get it? I know when I heard the key words "nude", "hard to find", and "cult-favorite", I was pretty much sold before I knew a thing about the formula or details of the shade. So, I guess this will be some lipstick education for both of us. It's a nude with a hint of pink to warm it up a bit. It's probably not going to look great on those with darker skin tones or really tanned faces. You could very well end up looking like the ninth roomate from Jersey Shore. I don't have the lipstick yet, I am just excited about trying it. In the meantime, here's what I gather from reading lots of the reviews:

Some of the good things said.. 



-Matte without being too drying (a very subjective opinion)

-Perfect used on its own or to tone down other lipstick shades that are too dark or bright

-Some say its the pigmentation of MAC Myth but most comparable in shade to MAC Creme d' Nude (which is virtually useless information if you haven't used these two)

Photo above courtesy of (could this shade look any more gorgeous on this person's lips)

Some of the not so good...

-Too creamy and slippery

-Looks like a concealer on the lips

-Magnifies your lips imperfections if not used with a balm underneath or on really exfoliated smooth lips

See It For Yourself!
Some of you may know the YouTube makeup guru, Lollipop26. She is a lovely girl from the UK and has impeccable taste. I quite enjoy her reviews and hauls for this reason but she hasn't done any in a while. Darling used to be (maybe still is?) one of her favorite lipsticks of all time. Luckily, she made a great video showing the top 10 and let me tell ya, this is a girl after my own heart because her list looks similar to something I either own myself or really really want to try but can't due to its inaccessibility (like Gosh Darling and Barry M). 

*Barry M, another brand not widely available in the US but if you swap with someone overseas or go to Ebay, you will probably be able to get it. I have one of them that was sent to me from someone in Austria and I personally adore the formula and the feel of it*

UPDATE (After Trying..): 

I was able to get a hold of this lipstick quicker than I thought. I was anxious to try it!

-I really like the texture, I don't find it drying but rather smooth and creamy. 

-The shade is a lighter nude and I don't see the pink undertone that some people talk about. 

-It looks best with a base of a lipliner so that it has something else to cling on to besides dry parts of the lip. I used a base of Lip Fusion Lip Plumping Pencil in Buff and it worked well together.

-It doesn't have great staying power without a base.

-It needs no lipgloss over it because of the slight sheen and the slippery nature of the texture. 

-To compare it to another popular shade like MAC Myth, the texture is much nicer with the Gosh Darling lipstick being that it isn't as thick or drying. Myth is much pinkier and opaque.

Overall, I prefer the Gosh lippie. I am glad that I purchased it! I don't think it would look good on medium-tan to dark skin tones unless maybe another shade was combined with it. 

P.S. Being a big fan of little details, I appreciate that the cap makes a click noise to signify it is tightly secure.


  1. I have been looking for someone to do swaps with while I am living in France (I need to get my staple American products and will send European products as a trade). If you're interested, just let me know!

  2. That sounds cool, I do a lot of swaps!!