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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drugstore Gem: Super Duper Mega-Fast Drying Top Coat & Lifesaver: Seche Vite!

I have a very hard time getting my nails painted and dried in the manner that I prefer all in one sitting. I have two little girls and just as the last coat is about to dry, like clockwork, one of them will ask for something that will without a doubt jack up my nails and make all the time and effort put into them completely useless. I have tried a few of the fast-drying top coats from OPI and Essie but they usually made my nail polish crack because of how hard the formula became when it dried. I have heard endless raves for Seche Vite, available at CVS for around $9 or $10, but for some reason or another I just never picked any up for myself. Until about a week ago.... and let me tell ya, I'm glad I did.

This is by far the fastest drying top coat and overall nail polish lifesaver that I have ever used. And unlike others it doesn't just dry on the surface and leave everything else totally vulnerable to smudging, it completely dries each layer of polish in a way that you feel comfortable going about your business around 10 minutes later. It could be quicker but I still like to give it at least 10 minutes. Its a great product but its not a miracle worker. 

So what you have after you've applied your Seche Vite is very shiny, dry, and well protected nails. I recently saw a video in which someone was talking about a harmful ingredient used in this polish. I guess I totally bypassed the warning label right on my bottle. I believe it is a chemical that is a type of formaldehyde and has been known to cause reproductive harm. I am not sure if a nail polish top coat is enough of a dose to be able to seep through your nail beds and into your skin and then blood stream in order for this to happen. There are plenty and tons of products that contain small doses of certain chemicals that if taken in large quantities could be detrimental. But I had to throw that in there or I would have felt like a criminal. I have chosen to move forward with my use of the product and if I end up having some deadly disease or reproductive problems, well, at least I will have super dry nails. 

Overall Grade: A++

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