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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MAC Surf Baby: Update on What's Sold Out and What's Coming Soon

This is just an update from yesterday's post in regards to the new collection being available online on May 23rd rather than 26th like I had originally thought. I listed a few things for you that had sold out fairly quickly and there are two new updates to mention.

1. Hibiscus lipstick is SOLD OUT, all other shades are available.
2. My Paradise Cheek Powder SOLD OUT!

So you should be able to get the things you want if you go to your MAC store or counter Thursday morning. But, knowing MAC, they will bring back certain items that are currently sold out. Like they did with the last few collections when they brought back Pink Power MSF from Wonder Woman or Summer Shower lipstick from the Fashionflower collection. Its so annoying because it creates a sense of urgency to track down what you want and then they leisurely bring it back at their discretion leaving you to feel like a total psycho fool for pimping yourself out to get a hold of a freaking lipstick. Which I may just have to do if I don't get that Hibiscus lipstick.

Hibiscus on the left, and some shade that I have no earthly clue how anyone with the face of a human could pull off. Maybe its just me but wouldn't it make more sense to widen the demographic of who can wear a certain lipstick so that you can get more people to buy that lipstick?

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