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Monday, May 23, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection is Online NOW! May 23rd! Hurry!

My mouth is watering for this packaging, so dang cute!

So, I had no idea that this stuff was going to be online today. Like a complete moron, I saw the release date as May 26th and therefor thought the collection would be released on May 26th.. How could I be so naive? Apparently MAC likes to surprise us so that when we get online to check on other things and happen to see that Surf Baby now is up for grabs, the items we really wanted have been SOLD OUT for hours. Nice. Way to be MAC, way to be. But if you want some of the sold out items, people are already selling it on Ebay before they get their grubby hands on it.


Hibiscus Lipstick (the Coral Cremesheen)

My Paradise Cheek Powder (that gorgeous peach powder w/ the gold Hibiscus flower overlay)

Gilded White Powerpoint Eye Pencil

Surf the Ocean Pigment Stack (the other one, Summer Stash, is labeled "Coming Soon")

Wouldn't you know it, I wanted the lipstick and cheek powder that is sold out. Now I must call in for reinforcements from my MAC store. But, does this mean that it released early in stores as well? Well, I called MAC online and asked that very same question and the Customer Service rep said that it "varied by store" and to call your specific store to inquire. Apparently the surprise release was a mystery to certain MAC employees online as well because when I was messaging back and forth with one of them and I asked when the collection came out online, she replied, "I think it was today maybe??". Well, if MAC doesn't even inform its own employees as to when a certain collection is going to be released, I guess its just out of the question to make their customers aware of this top secret information.

Here is a video of some of the collection if you're interested in seeing some of the things you can't get!

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