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Friday, June 24, 2011

Drugstore Gem: Wet N' Wild Mega-Last Lipstick

I have said it before and I will say it again, Wet N' Wild has my total respect as a cheap drugstore brand that puts out some good quality products. First it was their famous Brandywine Lipliner that I wore for a good 15 years, then on to their blush and Mega-Glo Highlighter products, before finally raising the bar to new heights with their Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio's. And once again, I am impressed. This time its with their Mega-Last lipsticks. I give the credit for my discovery to my five year old daughter who, when given the option to pick out a lipstick at the drugstore, chose a WNW Mega-Last lipstick in a super bright red (911D). This stuff is like a lipstick/lipstain all in one because once the initial moisture of the lipstick wears down, you are left with the budge-proof dry color on your lips for plenty of time to come. Not sure if this happens because that particular shade of red is so ridiculously vibrant or if you'd get the same great lasting power with any of the shades. All I know is that when my little girl plays dress up and puts this lipstick on, it ain't never comin' off. I had to get actual oil-based makeup remover today to clean up all the "drawing outside of the lines" mistakes that she did with the lipstick.

So I decided to conform to my daughter's lipstick tastes and try one in a shade that is more my style. Gorgeous was the shade selection and it was hard for me to choose. I ended up going with a peach shade, 903C Just Peachy. I adore this shade! I am so tired of trying to find a true peach lipstick only to be bombarded with peachy-pink or peachy-nude or peachy-pink-nudes. I have been looking for a perfectly peach, a true peach, with no interfering undertones. "Just Peachy" is pretty much on point. The color is vibrant, and totally opaque which I love but also feared because opaque matte usually equals super drying and chalky. And for $2.99, could I even expect much else? The answer is yes.

Photo Credit: Makeup Mish Mash, (Wet N' Wild Mega-Last Bare it All! Gorgeous x100!)

What I Like About Wet N' Wild Mega-Last Lipstick:
The price! $2.99 a piece!
-The shade selection goes from beautiful neutrals to the bright and the bold
-The matte finish is opaque and long-lasting without being totally drying
-No plastic or cheap fragrance smell, in fact, no scent at all
-Goes on very smooth yet stays matte
-I didn't need a lip liner because this stuff doesn't bleed or flake outside of the lips
-Unlike some super opaque matte lipsticks that magnify every imperfection of your lips, I found this one to cover imperfections rather than highlight them. Its thick enough so that it won't bring out the peelies!

What I Don't Like:
-You can't build on this color without creating a mess. If you want to touch up your lipstick, just wipe off the remnants and start over! Don't add to it or you will end up with a caked up disaster.

-The packaging, in true WNW fashion, is junk. Be careful keeping these lipsticks in your purse, and be careful with how far you twist up the lipstick because it may not twist back down! The plastic lid is prone to cracking just by looking at it the wrong way and it doesn't stay on very well or provide that really satisfying click that tells you that your packaging is secure.

Overall Judgment:
Mad props to Wet N' Wild for giving us a great long-lasting matte finish lipstick that doesn't do all of the things we hate about a long-lasting matte finish lipstick! 

Possible Dupe Alert: 
For those that like Kat Von D Celebutard lipstick or hated it because of the texture, you should try the WNW Mega-Last lipstick in 901B Think Pink. The color isn't spot on, being that it is a true bright pink and less milky white-pink but the texture of the WNW is so much better for an opaque matte lipstick. If you like the look of a milky-pink like Celebutard but hated the chalky appearance, you might like the Mega-Last more than Celebutard, which I found, made me look like I created a special kind of Pepto-Bismal chalk for my lips.

Wet N Wild Think Pink is the first shade (Photo Credit: TheGlamShack Blogspot)

Photo Credits: Lacqured, Painted, Polished blogspot

901B Think Pink, 902C Bare it All, 903C Just Peachy, 904B Rose Bud, 905D Smokin' Hot Pink

Photo Credit: Lacquered, Painted, Polished blogspot. This is the shade I have but these are not my lips!

Check out the YouTube Video Below for more Wet N' Wild Mega-Last Love:

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  1. I'd totally rather buy 1 Revlon Colorburst than 9 Wet n Wild lipsticks because of the packaging, I've ruined more than 1 of them in my purse!

    Uhm, I was wondering, when you post pics from other blogs, do you usually ask them for permission first? Or is it ok to use them as long as you put the credit on the caption? I'm new to blogging and I did that once and then was worried I didn't do it right ...

  2. I know the packaging is soo bad!!! With all of the products, not just the lipsticks.. Usually when I use someone's photo, I give them credit by saying where it comes from or posting their link along with it.. I don't ask permission or I may never get a reply with some of them!

  3. The pictures displayed here are quite nice. I adore all of them

  4. @Senegence, do you have any of the shades? I am thinking of picking up a couple of more later!