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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

theBalm on Hautelook Right Now! 50% off!

If you are interested, theBalm cosmetics is on Hautelook right now. Their ever so popular NudeTude palette is $18 which is 50% off as are popular blushes like Downboy ($10.50) and Frat Boy ($10.50) and some of their Balm Girl lipsticks. It appears that everything is 50% off of the regular retail price. I heard it through the beauty grapevine that theBalm is being phased out of Sephora and major retailers and the supplies are being shipped off to TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Sad! From what I hear, they make great products. SO excited that I'm finally trying the NudeTude palette at such a great price! So hurry, I think the sale lasts 48 hours and it just started at 11am EST.

If you need an invite because you don't have a Hautelook account, mine is below. Hautelook is amazing and severely addictive. Be forewarned!


  1. I ordered mine from Hautelook too! Nude Tude palette, Mary Lou Manizer and a couple of the Time Balm concealers. The package is finally out for delivery today. I'm looking forward to trying these products. I've purchased 2 sets from Marshalls for only $9, the set has 3 products inside and I'm cool with paying only $9 for 3 items instead of the expensive full price for 1 product at Sephora. Marshalls is awesome!

    1. I have been waiting and waiting for my order to ship! I hope mine is on its way too, I will check. I saw that Marshalls set but already had the Mary-Lou, did they have any other products from theBalm?

    2. Yes, they had quite a few items of the Balm cosmetics sold at Marshalls. I was able to buy Staniac, Balm Shelter lip gloss, Tea Tree Spot concealer, Betty Lou bronzer, Bahama Mama bronzer, Sexy Mama translucent powder, Frat Boy blush and Hot Mama blush. It came in a set, 3 items per set which cost $9. I also picked up a skin care set, Vanilla Oil Absorbing Face moisturizer, it came with the Aloe Face mask for only $12. What a steal huh?! :-)