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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day to All of the Special Women Out There!

I wanted to wish a very Happy Mothers Day to all of the amazing, hard-working, and loving mommies out there. Be sure to let your mother, grandmother, step-mother, or any special woman who has acted like a mother to you know how much you appreciate her.  I received such a special (early) gift from my five-year-old that she made at school. Its kind of like an "all about my mom" laminated paper with a photo of she and I at the top. According to my daughter, I am 59 feet tall and 10 pounds and for fun I like to go shopping. Apparently, my favorite TV show is Storage Wars, even though I've never seen that show in my life. But at the very end it said "I love my mommy so much because in the mornings, she cuddles with me on the couch" which melted my heart and reminds me that the little things are what counts to children. 

Being a mother is so filled with different emotions all of the time. Only with your children can you go from a terrible and stressed out mood to smiling and laughing in a matter of minutes because of something they said or did. Being a mom is a magical kind of love that tests your patience, your strength, and your will-power but with no weekly paycheck! With that being said, the feeling of being needed and loved so much is a gift from God. My children are everything to me and I dedicate my life to making sure they have the best foundation that I can possibly give them and that means building their confidence every single day, telling them how special they are and what mommy loves most about them, and being their greatest supporter. I'm not saying our lives will go perfectly, but as long as I have those intentions, I won't look back and wish I tried harder. I can be kind of crazy and controlling with standards set just a tad too high, but one thing my kids won't ever be able to say about me is that I didn't try my very hardest to give them a wonderful life while being an example for them of a strong, hard-working woman who doesn't take anyone's crap! Dang, my girls are lucky. Except for that controlling part. Poor kids.

So to all you moms out there, Happy Mother's Day! Please do something nice for yourselves, you of all people deserve it! And for all you daughters and sons, do something nice for your mother or that special woman who took care of you!

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