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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Philosophy Makeup at Big Lots? Yes!

Lately I've read a couple of blogs about Philosophy cosmetics being sold at Big Lots for about $3 each. So I picked up four items today at my local Big Lots which included a Philosophy eyeshadow duo in Heaven & Earth (a lovely neutral browns duo), The Supernatural Lit From Within cream blush in Look on the Bright Side, an Angel Kiss lip gloss in Pretty Please, and a cute little pink mini-kabuki brush. The grand total before taxes? $12. The retail price of these four products is around $75. What was most exciting was the fact that they were all nice and wearable colors. You know when you find deals like this its because they are selling the reject colors that no one wants? Not this time, thankfully. In addition, there were a bunch of Calvin Klein single eyeshadow (all in the same reject color of dark navy blue). So if you're lucky, you live near a Big Lots. My store had a good selection so they may still be available in other stores. But act quickly, the things at Big Lots come and go. Oh! if any of you are as old as I am, you may remember the brand Naturistics from your high-school days. That was the brand I wore in eyeshadow and lip products and so imagine my surprise when I saw a Naturistics lipgloss duo (photo below) at Big Lots for $1. The drawback was that it actually looked like it was from 10+ years ago but I got it anyway for nostalgic purposes. Sign up to follow my blog and choose the option to receive an email when I post something new because I always post when I come across something like this or other good deals and sales and I love to share the news!

UPDATE: If you don't have a Big Lots nearby, is selling various Philosophy cosmetics for dirt cheap as well. The cream blush I bought for $3 is also selling for the same price through Amazon. 

Philosophy Cosmetics for $3 at Big Lots!
Good ole' Naturistics- a blast from my past!

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