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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Review: Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation (Silicone Free)

I was so excited to see Juice Beauty at ULTA because I love their green apple glycolic face peel and I love that their products are certified organic. I've mentioned too many times that I can't do foundation with silicone which eliminates 99% of the products out there and so when I look at the ingredients and there is no silicone listed I get excited! That's what happened to me at ULTA with the Juice Beauty Perfection Foundation. I snatched it up, it was $35 and only came in three shades. I got Organic Ivory which is a good neutral toned shade that would suit those with either neutral or cool undertones. Its a smidge too light for me but the medium was much too dark (see pics below). I didn't care about the consistency (which is kind of runny), the coverage (which is light-medium but buildable), or the finish (which is sticky yet pretty natural, not too matte or dewy). It applied pretty nicely with my foundation brush or my Sigma F80. Like I said it leaves a tacky finish so its a little difficult to buff in and once its set you can't do much with it. That being said, you can apply it with your fingers or a wedge sponge and it will probably look just as good. What bothered me was that it did leave a sticky finish and it felt rather heavy. But what bothered me even more was the four horrific cystic acne pimples I received after three days of wearing it. The irony is that I purchased this product thinking it wouldn't break me out since it doesn't have silicone when in reality it broke me out worse than silicone foundation. I am still trying to recover from these four unwelcome visitors but there are two on each side of my jawline and its driving me mad. The ingredients are certified organic but there are many different ingredients that contain the word "oil" albeit natural and mostly coming from plants and what not. Still, my skin was not pleased and doesn't really care where the oil is from. I read somewhere that if you're used to normal synthetic-made foundations and then switch over to an organic one with ingredients like these then you may have a reaction like I did. See pictures below if you're interested in the shade selection, which is rather minimal and automatically alienates several skin tones like the super fair, the super fair with yellow undertones, the light-medium with yellow undertones, the medium with cool undertones, really dark girls, and fair but warm toned girls. That's a lot of people who wouldn't find a match in these shades.

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  1. I really like Juice Beauty's Perfecting Foundation. I think it covers really well and is long lasting!