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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Review: Urban Decay Lush Lash System

 Urban Decay Lush Lash System: I had heard good things about this and thought it was a pretty inexpensive way to try a product that promises to lengthen and strengthen your lashes. Since these products can typically be very expensive (ahem, Latisse, Peter Thomas Roth, etc), I thought for $40 this was a steal... if it worked that is. And it does! So if you want to know how this product works and what its all about, read on.

What is it?
A dual-ended system shaped like a skinny tube of mascara, with a gel on one end and a white mascara product on the other that is supposed to give you longer and fuller lashes in as little as 4 weeks but with increased improvements as time goes on.

How do you use it?
At night, you brush the clear gel on to the lash line and then go over it with the white mascara that looks similar to a mascara primer. The gel is supposed to be the magic and then mascara part is supposed to condition and strengthen. I used it on the top and bottom but you don't have to.

Doesn't it bother your eyes while you're sleeping?
I have super sensitive eyes and I have not had any problem with this even with nearly poking myself in the eyeballs nightly because I'm in a rush to hurry and get to sleep. And I don't even have any problems when I sleep in my contacts (which I'm allowed to do with the kind I have so shhhh).

Do you have to use it every night?
I used this product nightly for 6 weeks, only skipping a couple of days. I would suggest you use this every night in order to give it a fair shot.

What's supposed to happen?
Urban Decay claims that after 6 weeks, you should see around a 65% improvement in the length and thickness of your lashes. Some of you pay think that sounds like an awful big claim but if you think about it, mascara brands are always promoting their products by saying things like "Up to 400% more volume!" which makes Urban Decay's claims seem rather conservative. After 4 weeks, your are supposed to see about a 25% improvement. I will admit I didn't notice anything until about week 5. 

So did it work for you?
My lashes do look longer but what is more noticeable is that I seem to have more lashes now, especially at the inner corners and in spots where it may have been a little sparse before. Realistically, I  would attribute about a 25% increase in length, and another 30% increase in fullness and thickening. But honestly, I would pay $40 to have even a 10% increase. What can I say, lashes are important to me. And I'm not going to apologize for that. 

Here is my advice if you want to try this product and get the most out of it:

1. Don't do anything different while you are using it. Don't go trying a new mascara, just use the same one the entire time until you see results so that you don't associate any improvements you see in your lashes with using a new mascara instead of using the lash system.

2. You may wake up with a bit of crusty-ness on your eyes from the fact that you just applied a primer like product to your lashes to sit there all night. Deal with it for the sake of stronger longer lashes. 

3. Don't skip any days! I used it nightly for 6 weeks (and still going) with the exception of two times when I was too tired. You must fully commit or you may dismiss the product and not think it works when in actuality you just didn't use it enough. 

4. Give it the full 6 weeks before giving up. If you hate it or it gives you an eye disease, you can still return it. Just keep your receipt and you can't lose. Either you get better lashes or you return it and get your money back. I see no down side.  

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