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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get on the Neon Train! Cute Target Mossimo Shorts + Pics

So what does everyone think of this whole neon colors fashion trend? I'm a fan, probably because I was also a fan in the 80's. I had these this one pair of pants when I was 10 that were black spandex (don't judge) with one neon pink stripe down one leg and a neon green stripe down the other leg! I loved them. But then I went to school and a boy that we all disliked for being a total jerk-off was wearing the same pants as I was! How horrifying, for him mostly! I actually belonged in those pants and they were specifically girls pants, not unisex. Although I'm not into replicating that exact look, I'm happy to join in on the love for neon.

I have searched high and low for the perfect bright pink and bright yellow shorts and failed to be wowed. While in Target today, I found what I was looking for, at least as far as color goes. The pink is the perfect neon bubble gum and the yellow is a perfect super bright lemon yellow, exactly what I wanted. And the material isn't too bad either, kind of a soft lighter weight flat front chino short similar to the 3" JCrew chinos. The problem is they are only 2.5 inch inseam and I'm usually not comfortable with anything below 3" inseam. I do like these and they were only $17.99 but I'm used to wearing designer brands like Citizens of Humanity, Seven for all Mankind, Joe's Jeans, etc and so I am spoiled with amazing fitting shorts and jeans and there is a huge difference between how Mossimo fits and the fit of the brands I just mentioned. But Mossimo did do a better job than the pricier brands in creating some perfect neon shades so I give them credit. I'm not loving their sizing though. I bought 2 sizes up from what I wear and have worn for years in all of my other bottoms and they are STILL tight! But I'm working on stretching them out as we speak. So if you're looking for affordable shorts in an array of pretty neon colors, head over to Target and look for these "Fit 6 Lower Waist & Straight Hip & Thigh". And if you aren't used to Target sizing in the junior section, size up a couple (and then just tear the size tag off inside when you get home if it bothers you that you had to size up :)) Pictures below if you're interested, I definitely don't think the colors are as vibrant in the pics as they are in person.


  1. love your blog so much! your so talented! i followed <3 do you think you could maybe follow me back? would love my blog to be as good as yours xx

  2. great review! i saw these shorts today at target. do they shrink in the drier (they are 98% cotton i read)? thanks for your help :)

    1. You know, I never put my bottoms in the drier and especially wouldn't put these Target shorts in there just because they do run kind of small! I can't afford to even lose a little bit of length off the bottom! I would recommend air drying these until you've worn them a bunch and they've loosened up and then maybe dry them part of the way and air dry the rest. Thank you for reading :)