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Friday, May 25, 2012

My Thoughts on Revlon Lip Butters + Favorite Shades

I would assume that unless you aren't in an area accessible to Revlon or you have an absolute aversion to semi-inexpensive, moisturizing and pigmented lip products, you've most likely tried a Revlon Lip Butter. I have seven of them, some are hits and some are misses but they are all good quality products that I have been quite impressed with. 

Winners & Losers: 
The shades I have are Creme Brulee, Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, Gumdrop, Creamsicle, Sugar Frosting, and Strawberry Shortcake. My favorites have been Creme Brulee, Sugar Frosting, and Strawberry Shortcake with the rest being just so so as far as how they worked for me but still nice products. I was convinced that Creamsicle would be my favorite because its a pale peachy nude but it didn't go on as nice as all the others. It seemed to cling to dry spots and put the color heavily where I didn't want it and not enough where I did. Peach Parfait is a pinky-peach with shimmer and it just didn't do it for me. It did, however, look really good when layered under MAC Myth lipstick to give it this milky-peachy look. Berry Smoothie was not my cup of tea because berry shades don't wow me and I only chose it because the shade selection was slim and I really wanted to try this product for the first time. Gumdrop is a cool lavender-toned color but that shade doesn't do much to make the teeth appear whiter and brighter. Now, on to the ones I like. Creme Brulee has been a good ole' standby in my purse for a while now and is a nice warm nude shade which makes it more wearable for most people than Creamsicle. Sugar Frosting is a slightly frosty pale pink although not an 80's frost, its very nicely pigmented and looks really good with a smoky eye. My current favorite is now Strawberry Shortcake. This is the newest addition to my lip butter collection and I'm so glad I bought it (at 30% off I might add during a sale at Walgreen's a few days ago, might still be on sale, go, hurry! check!). This is such a pretty pink, and so flattering for those with blue eyes because those brighter pinks really compliment blue eyes. Strawberry Shortcake is a cooler-toned bubblegum pink but with not too much of a blue-tone. Its kind of like the perfect shade of pink actually, just enough but not too much and a great summer color. And naturally I was drawn to this shade because I really love the character Strawberry Shortcake, she will always have a special place in my heart. 

To Sum it Up:

Revlon Lip butters feel great and look great, although some shades (like Peach Parfait) have a slightly grainy texture due to the added shimmer. Sugar Frosting has a tad of this as well but not as much. The other shades I've tried are very smooth, no shimmer, but give a lovely finish with a slight sheen. This product is hydrating and lasts much longer than other lip balm type of products. Its kind of like a lip balm lipstick if that makes sense in that it has the pigmentation and longevity of a lipstick but with the hydrating benefits of a lip balm. I prefer the Revlon Lip Butter strongly over the L'Oreal Color Riche Balm which has similar characteristics. I felt L'Oreal to be thinner, not as moisturizing, much more sheer, and an inferior shade range and selection. Packing is kind of cute though. 

Picture Time:

These are photos taken from karla sugar, queen of swatching, here: I thought I'd find photos that include all of the shades rather than of just the ones I own personally. And I'm thinking Cotton Candy is next on my list. 

Revlon Lip Butters Photo taken from

Revlon Lip Butters Photo taken from

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