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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Small ULTA Haul!

So I returned that nightmare of a foundation (scroll down a couple posts if you want to know about that), and picked up a few little goodies at ULTA. Have you ever gone to Sephora or ULTA to return something and you walked out without finding something to exchange it with? I haven't. Not even once. Although I did leave ULTA with  $12.00 credit because what I bought was cheaper than the foundation I returned. That is what I call success. NYX is buy 1, get 1 50% off so I picked up two lip liners. I quite like the NYX lip liners, just the regular kohl pencils. I picked up Dolly Pink which is an amazing super bright and bold blue-toned pink as well as Beige which is a unique color to my collection. Its a nude-ish shade but with a metallic sheen to it which you will be able to see in the picture below where I used the flash. Both of these liners are actually nice just to fill in the whole lip and throw a gloss on over it, especially Dolly Pink. Then I picked up Bust by Urban Decay, one of the newly formulated and packaged single shadows. This is a silvery taupe with a gorgeous satin sheen. It reminds me of MAC Satin Taupe but better quality in my opinion. I wish Bust had been in the Naked 2 palette because I would have used it every day along with Tease. I dig these Urban Decay shadows but I refuse to buy the palette and spend $18 per eyeshadow to fill up the slots and pay over $100 for five eyeshadows and the palette (you get one free but its the chalkiest one of the bunch). I will hold out and sooner or later the shades I like will end up in a palette that will make much more sense to me price wise. 
Don't forget this weekend you can use your 20% off coupon (if you didn't get one in the mail I'm sure you can get it online) but its one of those where you can't use it on any of the good stuff. Plus its triple points at ULTA this weekend! I am almost (shamefully) at 1000 points so that means $50 off my purchase!!

Urban Decay Bust, NYX lip liner in Dolly Pink & Beige
Urban Decay Bust (without flash above)

Urban Decay Bust (with flash above)

NYX Dolly Pink and Beige lip liners (no flash, above)
NYX Dolly Pink & Beige lip liners (with flash, above)


  1. That NYX Lipliner in 'Dolly Pink' looks lovely! I have a lipstick very similar to that shade so those two together would look great :) Not many cheap/drugstore brands sell lipliners in that shade of Pink,unfortuntely the only way I can buy NYX is online and the shipping is a little expensive..but deiantly worth it because NYX products are fantastic :)


    1. I know I really like their lip liners and the shade selection. You are right, the cheap brands usually don't make shades like this. It would suck to have to pay a lot of shipping for items that are so inexpensive! That's why its nice to have a buddy in the US to do swaps with!

  2. love your buys.. especially the shadow and the lip liners :) x