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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glossy Box Comes to the US, Yay or Nay?

The past year has brought us a new concept in beauty products in the form of monthly subscriptions to a box of trial sized makeup/skincare/miscellaneous. Each month you get a new box with surprise products for you to try. Some subscription services are pricey, some are cheap, some get rave reviews, and some garner nothing but disappointment. But all in all, I think its a fun idea and I've just signed up for my first GlossyBox. For $21 per month and free shipping. For the price, you get five trial sized items per month. I've seen some good-sized products so trial size doesn't necessarily mean tiny. Currently, GlossyBox ships to 15 countries (now including the US). They just released their first US GlossyBox which gives us American girls a great opportunity to try some new international brands. I chose this company over the others because of watching positive reviews from other subscribers. I am excited to get my first box and will be sure to share it with you. I only signed up for the month to month option because I don't prefer to get involved in long-term things even to save a few dollars. Some of the brands that Glossy Box works with are OPI, Kryolan, Cargo, and CO Bigelow. And the packaging is super cute which always helps. So has anyone received a Glossy Box yet? Are there better companies out there for this type of service? I've seen some of the other products from similar companies and I was not impressed, for one, I don't want food items in my box, I don't want gum, I don't want toothbrushes or toothpaste or any dental health products for that matter. I am not even wild about skin care but I will take it over the previously mentioned things. For me, the company who gives the most actual makeup is the one that I will stick with. So let's see what Glossy Box brings me!

If you want to check out Glossy Box, follow the link below:

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