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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Small MAC Fashion Sets Haul

So I only picked up a couple of the lipglasses in MAC's latest collection, Fashion Sets, that featured a variety of MAC's best-selling lipstick shades with coordinating lipglass and nail lacquers. The lipstick shades are nothing we haven't seen before, with the exception of Razzlerdazzler, and so the point of the collection was to offer the matching glosses and polishes to some of the more popular lipsticks. The odd thing of it all was that you could only purchase a few select colors in the actual MAC stores and counters, according to what part of the world you're in. However, you are able to order from any region if you purchase online (at least if you're in North America, can't speak for others). Razzlerdazzler was the only one that sold out (so far) which is no surprise seeing as how its a new shade, a pretty wearable peachy coral, and not easy to get. But it is a lustre formula which I'm not totally wild about so I didn't really care too much that I missed out. I did pick up Razzlerdazzler and Myth lipglass which is all I was really interested in. I think they are both pretty but not total must-haves. As far as Razzlerdazzler, its a really pretty peachy-pinky-coral so its perfect for spring and for those that don't want to go full-on coral or orange like some of the popular spring shades. But its not a wow me shade, if you want a wow-me shade in a similar but brighter family, go for MAC Pink Lemonade. And one more thing, for some reason the Razzler gloss doesn't have a very strong vanilla scent or even much of a vanilla scent at all. That's kind of a deal breaker MAC, I'm totally in it for the scent and if this keeps up I'm dedicating all of my MAC gloss money to Plushglass. Now, I didn't have that problem with theMyth lipglass. This one is more of a terracotta nude than the matching lipstick in that the lipstick has more of a peachy-salmon tone but they work well together. But not a total must-have. If you already have MAC Peachstock lipglass or even Revlon Super Lustrous in Nude Lustre, you can live without the Myth lipglass.

Below are swatches with Myth lipglass swatched next to Myth lipstick so you can see how they pair up. Also pictured, Razzlerdazzler, with and without the flash. 

Photo taken by me (above) MAC Myth & MAC Razzlerdazzler from Fashion Sets

Photo taken by me. From L to R, Myth Lipstick, Myth Lipglass, Razzlerdazzler lipglass (without flash, above)
Same line-up but with the flash. Photo taken by me (above)

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