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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MAC Blush Haul: Tenderling + Pinch O' Peach

After stopping in at the Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) in my area to see if I could score any rare finds, I left disappointed to find nothing, did an about face and headed to the mall. My CCO has had the same MAC selection for going on a year now, the same crappy lipsticks that no one wants and zero blushes which is what I was after. So I have been looking at swatches of MAC blushes trying to find a couple I thought would suit my skin tone and came up with Tenderling and Pinch O' Peach. Tenderling is a very pale rosey-peach toned matte blush and is one of the Sheertone formulas. Its a great color when you are doing heavy eye makeup but want something on your cheeks that doesn't stand out too much. That being said, it would probably be best for fair to light complected girls. Pinch O' Peach isn't really peach as much as it is a cool-toned pink, another Sheertone, also matte, and very pretty. Overall, I am happy with the two blushes I chose. Up until now, I didn't have any regular MAC powder blushes, just MSF's that work as blush/highlight products. I've been kind of obsessed with blush lately. 

Photos taken by me, Tenderling (left), Pinch O' Peach (right)

Tenderling Blush by MAC

Pinch O' Peach by MAC
Tenderling & Pinch O' Peach by MAC


  1. I was unaware this store existed...I will be making an outlet run sometime soon.

    1. Well it is in Smithfield at the Carolina Outlets so its a little bit of a drive but not too bad, like 30 minutes south of Raleigh!