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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whats In My Mailbox: Small Makeup Haul + Mini Reviews

Today was another good day in the world of Ang's Mailbox. Only, technically none of these products were IN my mailbox as much as they were on my doorstep or given to me personally by my mailman. I received some much anticipated, highly recommended, goods. I am working on their reviews already, the basics at least. I actually have to include the parts about how I actually TRIED the product and what I THINK of it, you know, the heart and soul of a review.

Coco Beau Big Fat Firm Foundation Brush! 

After watching and reading many positive reviews about this brush, I caved under pressure. The pressure I put on myself, mind you, so does that even count as being pressured? In any event, I bought it. It was around 27 Euros which was approximately in the $50's. I think I had a 15% coupon code from an online source but the bad news is there is no record of this and I could just be making it up all together since I can't find it in the first place.

This is the most mammoth foundation "paddle" style brush I have ever seen. If all goes as predicted, it should get the job done in record time. I am so excited to try it that I will probably go wash my face and reapply my foundation because I can't wait for the morning.
Overall First Impressions:
-Looks exactly how I hoped it would
-Feels exactly how I hoped it would 
-Took slightly less than 3 weeks to arrive
-Worth it! Can't wait to try!


I did just what I said I would! I washed off my makeup and I started all over again. Not a full-face by any means, but at least the foundation part. This brush is no joke, it is amazing! I am comparing it to my Sephora Pro-Platinum foundation brush for reference. With the Sephora, my hand usually starts cramping up because its smaller and I have to keep going and going with it and blending and blending. However, with the Coco Beau brush, its so large and heavy duty that its just easier to hold on to. Therefor you can hold it further back on the handle and let the brush do the work for you. In addition, the brush part of it doesn't bend so easily that you feel you have to grip it tighter to get more density. Overall, the large dense brush makes it easier to cover more ground with each swipe. And no shedding. Not that my Sephora brush did either, but I have some MAC brushes that do and it is a pain. Furthermore, the quality of the Coco Beau brush will be obvious once you have it in your hands. Its made very well and certainly looks like something I will have in my collection for a long time to come. Money well spent. Here is a review you may enjoy:

Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Saint: Natural
I have to admit, this shade was not at all what I expected it to be when I looked at swatches and other people's lips that were drenched in the Natural shade from the Saint line. Quickly, Lipstick Queen has Saints (sheer) and Sinners (opaque matte). I wanted a nude, of course. When don't I want a nude lipstick. Someone told me if I only tried one, try this one. I have to admit, its not what I would call "Natural". You will see this is swatches. 

The texture is Uh-may-zing. Its just great. Its smooth, hydrating, moisturizing, and every other word that is the opposite of dry. For a sheer, it deposits a lot of color, at least this shade on my lips. My lips are fairly pigmented and the more I look at them with this lipstick on, I am beginning to see that this shade is an amplified version of the natural color of my lips.
Lipliner (left) Lipstick (right)

Lipstick Queen: Lipliner, Natural
Again, not what I think of when I think "natural" but it does match well with the lipstick being that they are the same shade. First, I love the packaging of both items I got. Second, any lipliner that comes with its own sharpener is off to a good start in my makeup book. Again, Lipstick Queen has mastered the fine art of texture. This lip liner is very soft. Much softer than your typical MAC lipliner or any pencil liner, and softer than my favorite Chanel Natural lipliner. This is similar to the texture of an Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner actually. So that means, very easy to blend. And blendy enough to just fill in your lips and forget the lipstick. Don't let the softness fool you, I felt the texture of it after it was sitting for a couple of minutes on my arm and it was completely dry. I bet this means it ain't budging.

Overall First Impressions:
-Love the packaging
-Love the texture of both products, very comfortable on the lips
-Love the whole Lipstick Queen concept and product selection
-No fragrance, good or bad
-Will be trying more for sure, to get that nude I'm looking for!

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