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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cle de Peau Concealer: How Does It Measure Up?

Hourglass (L) CDP (R)
The much anticipated Cle de Peau concealer has finally arrived. And I love it. It truly is a very very good concealer. While it is creamy and easy to blend, it isn't so sticky that it would has the potential to slide right off. The directions state that it is for concealing basically anything from freckles to acne to under eye circles. So naturally, I gave it a try within about 3 minutes of its arrival. The concealer came in a very sophisticated and chic packaging, of course. The blue and gold casing looked like it held a fancy lipstick but instead it held a fancy concealer. Now, if you didn't read what I said about this product in an earlier post, this is the go-to concealer for makeup artists and celebrity clients. I looked up the concealer online and all kinds of images of different gorgeous female celebs popped up and under the picture it would say which shade of Cle de Peau concealer was used on them. Anyone from Kim Kardashian to Carmen Elektra. And everyone in between. This is THE concealer. And as I have said before, THE concealer is $70. So let's review the good points of this concealer:

CDP Beige (L) Hourglass Pearl (R) Virtually NO difference in color
The Good Points:

-Great texture
-Works to cover under eye circles as well as anything else on your face that you want to hide, making it a very multi-purpose product
-Blends super easily
-Available in 4 shades which is 1 shade more than most high-end concealers
-Not sticky, but tacky enough to stay put

Cle de Peau Vs. Hourglass Hidden Corrector:

 I was anxious to compare it to my Hourglass Hidden Corrector Concealer, my previous love. I swatched them both and I couldn't tell one bit of difference in the color of each of them. The CDP "Beige" and the Hourglass "Pearl" are identical. Beige is the second lights of the CDP and Pear is the lightest Hourglass shade. What I love about both of these shades is there is no yellow undertone to them. They are true flesh color with a slight pinky undertone. Very slight. And maybe I'm just making that up because I think everything has to have an undertone. The two concealers are very similar but there was one difference: CDP wasn't quite as creamy (aka sticky) as Hourglass. They both blend flawlessly but Hourglass just doesn't last that long when I cover sun spots and freckles. Concealer needs a certain amount of stiffness to it to be able to weather the storms of the day, ya know? That was the one and only difference. 

The Verdict:

If you have more than under eye circles to contend with, I highly highly recommend  Cle de Peau. On the other hand, if you have minimal imperfections and just want to brighten up the under eye area or inner corners of the eye, go for something cheaper. CDP is more of your full coverage concealer when you have more than a couple of flaws to cover up. I have 5 problem spots, not counting under eyes, so it will be a staple in my collection forever and ever. After 3 hours it is still going strong on the sun spots. With any other concealer, you would be seeing those babies surface full force.  So for the time being, I have broken up with Hourglass Hidden Corrector and found its replacement immediately. I jumped right in, yes, but it felt right. And it is true, you do get what you pay for.    

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