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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where Have You Been All My Life, Dermablend Leg and Body Cover?! + Bonus: Customer Service Rant!

Don't get it twisted, there are not my legs. I would never wear those shoes.

This is an impromtu post. I couldn't wait any longer. This review is fresh off my experience with the product, as emotions are running high and the thoughts are at the very front of my often scattered mind. Its called Dermablend Leg and Body Cover and I can't believe it isn't a household name yet. I bought this to make my legs look more even-toned. It's quickly becoming shorts weather down south and I'm in desperate need of some color. I also find that as I'm being pushed further into my 30's, I wake up to a new mark or vein or discoloration somewhere on my body. This just couldn't go on any further. Well, it will but it must be concealed. This magic potion actually gives you a brand new start. Think of it as a foundation for your legs. Best way to describe it. An industrial strength foundation suitable for stage makeup. I tried it on in Ulta today to find my perfect shade. There is a vast shade selection much like you would see if you were to purchase a face foundation. It was a long and messy process to arrive at the shade "Golden." I tried on everything from light to bronze. I wasn't completely sold because it was really hard to blend. Come to find out that you are supposed to exfoliate your legs and put on moisturizer before the leg and body cover. I did this and it made things much easier to work with. Honestly, I couldn't believe my eyes. Of course the teeny purple spider veins in the making were still there but so well concealed that I was no longer furious and really depressed when I looked at that area of my leg. I had a bruise on my thigh that is now a distant memory. David Blaine should have used this stuff to grab an audience's attention. That whole living in a glass box for 40 days was far less impressive than the results of Dermablend. I then thought, if this works so well on my legs, let me try it somewhere else. After all, it says leg AND body cover. My face is part of my body. I used this on a patch of little freckles that I've been trying to cover for about 16 years as well as a sun spot on my cheek that concealer just won't hide well enough. Poof! Clean slate. I should try it on my dark roots. If I included a picture of my dark roots, you would check the search bar to make sure you didn't type in "People of" on accident. No seriously, that is a real website and all I ask is that you finish reading my blog before checking it out. It's A-W-E-S-O-M-E and really is fun for the whole family. Unless your family is on this website and then its just sad and humiliating.

Coincidentally, someone else came in to Ulta directly after me to ask for the exact same product. Only she was using it to cover a tattoo, which reminds me of another one of its uses. When I read reviews of this product, I did see that it took quite a few layers to cover a tattoo depending on what color the ink is. Most of the people that raved over this product were using it as leg makeup and not tattoo concealer, just to let you know. I do have a very small mistake, I mean, tattoo on my shoulder in which I tried to cover with the Dermablend just to see how well it worked. I must warn you, I am writing this post at night and take most of my pictures outside because the lighting is always terrible in my house. The only good lighting belonging to the laundry room, hence the leg on the washing machine pics. Bet you won't see those kind of shots in Glamour magazine. I did a new twist on the commonly known practice as a "before and after" shot and just included the "afters". Not too bright on my behalf but too late now. 

Not that you knew what they looked like before

There used to be a small amount of spider veinage, I promise

Can you see the dewey area is where the tattoo is?

So here are the actual true facts totally void of my opinions. This body foundation is supposed to last 16 hours. It has SPF 15. Non-comedogenic. Fragrance Free. Transfer and smudge resistant. And I quote from the Dermablend box "high performance technology, full coverage body foundation. Offers improved skin tone shades and texture to deliver a flawless look and 16 hours of consistent color wear." $27 @ Ulta but also available online. I saw it very cheaply on Ebay. But be careful, you may think you're buying Dermablend when in actuality it might be peanut butter or something. In other words, there are a lot of counterfeit cosmetics being sold on Ebay. But not always.

Personally I think the box description is on the modest side. What it should say is something like this, "single best cosmetic product that will ever come in contact with your skin. If you were ever thinking about getting spider veins zapped with laser surgery or you get chemical peels every week to lessen your visible sun damage, put your money away and get this stuff. It is Uh-may-zing." Just trust me on this one. It will make you much happier to put on shorts when you don't have the slightest amount of tan to your legs either. But don't wear it to the swimming pool or anything. It's SPF 15 buts its not waterproof and the proof of that is in my bathtub.


UPDATE: I did say that this stuff is supposed to last 16 hours but I didn't know which 16 hours they were talking about. Do they include the time you sleep in the 16 hours? I guess they'd have to if you get any more than 8 hours per night. So I wake up after having applied this stuff the night before and my legs still look like they did when I went to bed. Only, I forgot to set the product with powder like it says on the bottle. I bet ya it would've held up even better had I follow the directions. Overall, still an A+ and still won't be without it this summer or any summer after that.

***I've been on somewhat of a writing roll this weekend so if you haven't checked since before the weekend started then please scroll down because there are at least 5 new posts since you've been gone***** 

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  1. Greetings, and thank you for this post:) Im planning to buy Dermablend Leg & Body Cover to cover my tattoo under some serious situation. and searched this on ebay... but almost pics of listing are Not seem to be authentic, cause of the package design...
    do you know which seller selling authentic one?