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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Platinum Hair + Heavy Black Eye Liner = Images of My Beauty Inspirations! Minus Eating Disorders and Drug Addictions

Just a few pictures of my favorite Golden Goddesses. I haven't quite got down the  design technicalities that would make my blog more pretty to look at and so rather than learn how to do all that stuff, I thought I'd just put a bunch of pictures of beautiful women on my page and that would take care of that whole aesthetic appeal thing. Works for me. These are some of my very favorite pictures and overall makeup looks. If you asked me who I would look like if I wasn't me, the answer would be on this page. Multiple times. The combination of platinum blonde hair and heavy heavy dark eye liner can be a bit jarring and harsh for the average person to come in contact with face to face. Unless you look like one of the ladies below I guess. But I say, eff it. Bring on the bleach and blacktrack fluidline and go to town. I went to town 45 minutes ago. I know, I know, do I know how damaging bleach is for my hair? Well, no, I don't because the ironic thing is that when I started bleaching my hair (my roots actually) rather than go to the salon and pay way more money for highlights every 6 weeks, my hair grew faster than it ever has. Who would have thought? Think of dark ugly roots as proof that your hair is in fact growing and you won't be so mad at them. 

Brigitte Bardot the Queen B of Blondes & my personal fave

I am in awe of BB here and obsessed with her makeup!

I adore this Kate Moss pic, platinum hair + thick black liner = perfection

Everything about Gwen is gorgeous in this picture
The most perfect lips in Hollywood, by far!

I loved the Anna Nicole Smith Guess Ads, Stunning!

I don't know if anyone remembers how gorgeous she was in the early days!

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  1. ha, great post! if only my hair were blonde again....(ignore my pic as my hair is now red)