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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Disclaimer: Please Read My Blog With A Sympathetic Eye

I need to mention something here. Now I know I'm new at this and my technical saavy-ness doesn't register quite as high on the impressive scale as the more established beauty blogs, but a certain percentage (a very small percentage) isn't totally my fault. After composing a post, I review and edit it and make the final decision that its something that I can live with before subjecting it to praise or criticism. Fast forward to the next time I return to my blog, which could be an entire day later, and what I often see in front of me is not in the condition that I left it in. I am absolutely mortified by the kindergarten aesthetics that I am often faced with when opening my blog after time has passed. Sometimes there are large blank spaces, pictures out of line, pictures that just completely disappear all together, and other miscelaneous mistakes that I didn't make. It's humiliating that I practically beg people to read my blog and then they get on here and see the embarrassing display of my first attempt to string together something readable. As if this wasn't enough, I often look completely dillusional all together with my empty promises of swatches "below". Come to find out later, there is no such thing as "below". At least not in the way of any sort of illustration in the form of a picture.
My precious and loyal readers, all eight of you, please have faith in me that I do not put my blog out there with the intention of insulting your intelligence and impecable blog choosing taste and that you may not care or notice the blog discrepancies laid out before you. Have no fear that my neurotic nature will rear its ugly head and take care of this as soon as my eyes meet the out of wack font that is more suitable for a place in the large print section at of Barnes & Nobel or the giant useless portions of blank spaces that would be much more appreciated if it had actual words and/or pictures  that apply to the blog.

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