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Friday, March 25, 2011

My New Miracle Product: Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

1.7 ounce from low $30's-$50's depending where you get it
Its all happening for me! Not only have I found a fantastic moisturizer but I have also put an end to the foundation frustration that I was previously experiencing, and enduring for the last several years. The inspiration behind this double whammy of happiness? Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. It is perfect for me in every way. For starters, it isn't too thick nor is it too thin. It applies so smoothly and is extremely wearable under make-up. There is no need to wait until it sinks into your skin before applying foundation because your skin is prepped and ready to go directly after moisturizer application. I will say that much like anything out there, this product will not be right for everyone. I will include a portion of some of the highs and lows in accordance to ratings from so that you can see whose skin the product speaks to and whose it just pisses off.

Skin Type Suitability:

Normal with dry patches
Normal with slightly oily t-zone or one or two small areas
Dry sensitive
Dry Aging

Unsuitable Skin Types:

Really Oily
Acne Prone

My skin type: 
Fairly normal yet sensitive with dry patches around my mouth and nose and occasional oily-ness and breakouts in the chin area.
Why It Works for Me:
Medium-weight, not too thick nor too thin
Wearable under makeup, not sticky
Doesn't ball up or flake when applying more of the product or going on to foundation
Takes care of dry patches
Lasts all day! Dry patches never resurface

No SPF (but that also = no breakouts) Make sure you are getting your SPF from somewhere! Never forget sunscreen! Forgetting sunscreen on a daily basis makes it pretty pointless to even bother to take care of your skin in the first place. Drink plenty of water and wear your sunscreen! And SPF 15 isn't good enough, girls!

What People Have Said About It (
"Absolutely LOVE this one. It is creamy enough to make you feel well hydrated, but it doesn't feel greasy and heavy. Also, it made my skin feel really smooth! It was as if i had an invisible silk sheen over my face. Really beautiful product."

"I love this moisturiser. I does what it claims. It smooths out the skin. It isn't too oily too. I have acne prone skin and it is the best moisturiser I have used. I often use oil free moisturisers unaware that acne prone skin still needs a lot of moisture. This is a happy medium between the Active Moist and the more Intensive moisturisers. I would highly recommend this to those suffering with mild acne"
"This product saved my skin!"
"This has been my moisturizer for years now, I'm not tempted to try anything else apart from switching to Intensive Moisture Balance in the winter. Love its moisturizing capabilities, my skin feels smooth and comfortable with no dry patches and it never makes my face look oily. Will continue to use this, love it."

And The Not-So Loving Reviews:
"Very disappointed. Was recommended this moisturizer after a dermalogica facial where the therapist described my skin as "dry". I have always considered my skin as combination with an oily t-zone with blackheads, frequent breakouts etc but dry cheeks. Have been using this moisturizer (from Dry Skin kit) and now have almost acne on cheeks, chin etc.. At least 10-15 sore red lumps over my cheek areas where I would never usually break out.. Stopping this immediately before it gets worse. "

"Everyone is ranting about this problem and my beautician recommended this for my very oily, yet dehydrated skin. After using for like 2 weeks, i noticed bumps around and it really clogged my pores big time. I dismissed this thought away until I read some reviews saying that smoothing cream did clogged their pores too."

"Yes, it is very moisturizing but its so greasy that I am starting to loathe it. Oh just too bad that I have sensitive skin type. Its also an average performer to other moisturizer such as Sisley Ecological Compound. And if you must (x10) stick to Dermalogica, why not try Barrier Repair, it does it for me."

Final Thoughts:
If you are interested in seeing more reviews, is the best of the best place for product reviews and advice of any kind. But there you have it. And yes, there are good and bad reviews but I have noticed many of the bad reviews were from those that had no business using the moisturizer in the first place. If you have super oily skin, you should know better than to use a product that is formulated for dry skin. That is like a blond using brown hair dye and then writing a terrible review about how it made her hair brown. You can say something is crap but that really only means it is crap for you. We can't take reviews of any kind too seriously. The best tip is to look for those that share your skin type and see what they say about a product. I mean, if you had curly hair wouldn't you want to ask someone with curly hair how they get theirs so shiny and frizz free? It would be illogical to go up to a straight haired girl to ask the same question. In closing, I love this stuff.

New Foundation Routine:
I know that my new moisturizer is what is really making this all work for me. I will be brief. This is what I use now and I'm extremely pleased with the results:

Vitamin C serum, Dermalogica moisturizer, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, Hourglass concealer, Korres Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 30

I do not use the Korres as a setting powder. I use it as a second foundation. The Chanel product is so sheer but it creates a great base that works to give me an even skin tone with a little bit of coverage. The Korres works to provide the coverage, the SPF, sets the concealer, and provides a beautiful sheen. Best part is, it looks great all day and doesn't amplify my dry patches by the end of the day which powders are known for doing. I am hopeful that my new budding relationship will last and the Honeymoon phase will never end. Fingers crossed!

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