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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cle de Peau Concealer: Is This $70 Product Worth the Hype?!

I don't know the answer to that question yet. I'm debating on purchasing this product as we speak. While $70 is pretty outrageous to pay for a concealer stick, it wouldn't be too outrageous if it works like a $70 concealer stick. But having just purchased the Hourglass Hidden Corrector Concealer, I will feel a bit wasteful if I purchase the twice as expensive+ Clea de Peau. That being said, I'm sure I can get over it and will have no problems whatsoever coming up with a way to justify the purchase. So what's the story with this coveted concealer?

This is what I know about it:

-Available in 4 shades: Ivory, Beige, Ochre, and Honey, in that order  from lightest to darkest.
-It's a stick
-It's $70
-A make-up artist favorite
-Enhanced with Revitalizing Moisture Complex to even skin tone and lock in moisture
-Provides maximum coverage
-Does not crease
-Kim Kardashian uses the "Ochre" shade
-A ton of celeb makeup artists use this product on their clients!

Where to buy?
-Neiman Marcus
-Bergdorf Goodman
-You get the idea

This is what people are saying about Cle de Peau Concealer (

"This is my favorite concealer of all time. It does an amazing job at hiding all of your imperfections!"

"HG! HG! This is by far the best concealer I have ever used. It lasts all day even on my very oily skin in my humid, over 100 degree climate."

"What can I say? This product is very deserving of all the hype it gets. Conceals perfectly, blends beautifully, stays all day!"

"Yes, this concealer is VERY expensive...BUT....God, so worth it. It covers everything. And on those mornings where I look like I didn't sleep a wink---it brightens me up right away and I walk into work looking fresh and radiant. It's not cakey at all, goes on smooth, and to be don't look like you're wearing makeup."

"Okay so this is the most expensive makeup product I own, but IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS! At first I bought this as an under eye concealer and it didn't work out well, however, i started using it on red spots on my skin, and HOLY MOLY- does it work. It is the holy grail- believe the hype- it's that good, but it doesn't cost a ridiculous amount."

In Closing:
As for the reviews, there are about 500 of them out there on between each of the shades and one overall category. Out of those 500, there is approximately a 75% "will purchase again" rate. This is a pretty successful percentage because we can love something and still not repurchase it because it could be comparable to so many other products we love. But 75% of 500 reviewers loving this so much that they'd shell out $70 over and over again really does say a lot. After much deliberation, I have to say I am leaning more towards the "I'm gonna buy it" side. It is just too tempting!

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