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Friday, March 11, 2011

Shopping Friday: Returns, Exchanges, and Money to Spare!

This looks like a LOT more than I thought
My intentions were honest: return a couple of items to Sephora and a couple more to Mac. Some of it would be cash back and some store credit. Darn! Store credit means that I have to buy more makeup instead of saving the money. Store credit means less guilt when you buy makeup while the cash back intensifies the guilt if its not used toward a greater good or just saved all together. But it was a happy ending and there was money to spare. A true historical moment in the world of a mall-aholic who was unleashed at two of her favorite stores. I made a few fun purchases and then came home to a surprise bonus package in my mailbox that contained the likes of some limited edition items from a collection long ago that boasted some of the best packaging that Mac has ever done. And so far, nothing that Mac has done post- Heatherette has ever come close to this supreme level of aesthetic perfection. And if you see a certain Mac lipstick pinkish in tone in the haul picture, it is none other than the infamous Pink Friday. No swatches included. Haven't fully committed to the idea of using such a precious gem. I'll start in the order that I made my rounds.

Mac Stuff:
Plushglass in "Big Baby": If you aren't familiar with plushglass, think a shinier version of a lipglass but with minty tingle and a scent that for some reason I'm addicted to. They retail for a few dollars more than a Mac lipglass at $18.50 but I suppose this is because it has the minty tingle. This gloss has actually been written up in a men's magazine. Think about it hard if you're wondering what it was doing in a men's magazine. Big baby is a very gorgeous nude-peachy toned gloss and looks perfection over Subculture lip liner and Myth lipstick. I exchanged this for Ample Pink Plushglass which just did nothing for me. It is a pale pink and sheer which is fine but I am way more into peachy-nude tones this spring and Ample Pink seemed a step backward and so 2010. $18.50

Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in NC20:
I would have never tried this until my makeup artist makeup friend, Julie, used this on me. In combination with a couple of other face products, this foundation helped to bring my skin to life. I have dry skin and it looks so dull and lack lustre by the end of the day, or sometimes, end of the hour. This leads me to question my original decision to swear off liquid foundation. I hated to mess with it and most of them broke me out or caused me to look oily. My mind changed when I watched a video from MakeupByTiffanyD, who is a self-proclaimed breaker-outer and she loved this stuff. I figure she was in the clear because after two weeks into using it daily, she hadn't had any acne incidents. On the other hand, I've read reviews from people who broke out immediately. But I thought I'd give it a try. It's a gel-based foundation that is supposed to create a somewhat dewey effect. Those with oily skin need not apply. Unless oil is your thing. $30

Careblend Powder in Light Plus:
This stuff is great. It was used over Studio Sculpt when I had my makeup done to give it a soft beautiful and radiant finish. Its super smooth to the touch and a perfect setting powder. I am praying it does not break me out because I love the finish it gives as the last step in my foundation routine. This is a pressed powder and provides very light coverage so unless your skin is amazing and 16 years old, I would advise against using this as your sole go-to product for foundation style coverage. The shade, Light Plus, is one step darker than Light but not quite as dark as Medium. I like this style of shade selection. It makes me feel like ghost-like with that "plus" on the end. A very respectable price of $23.

Strobe Cream:
My first Mac skin care item. I have heard this is a love or hate product. This was the first step used in my Mac only face product day. Strobe Cream is supposed to bring lifeless and dull looking skin to life. Sign me up. The cream has an obvious sheen to it which is what provides the glow and the youthful radiance. Personally, I have dry skin so its not a moisturizing enough moisturizer for me to use on its own. Instead, I use it after my Philosophy Hope in a Jar. Its pretty pointless to use this product at bed time unless you have a new guy who you aren't comfortable going bare-faced around yet. Much like a lot of Mac's often pore-clogging products, I've heard this one may be no exception and can also break you out easily. I'm gonna give it a shot and hope for the best. $29.50

Sephora Stuff:
I had Urban Decay "Dew Me" makeup setting spray in my hand the whole time because I had around $50 in store credit. The cleverly named product will not only humiliate you if asked about by your mother but is also supposed to set your makeup as well as hydrate when the mood strikes to freshen up your skin throughout the day. I tried it a few times while at the store and I just didn't notice that it was moisturizing. To be honest, I don't know if I gave it a fair shot. I was looking for any excuse to put it back when I saw the Sephora Pro-Platinum foundation brush.

Sephora Pro-Platinum Foundation Brush:
Much like the other brushes I have from this line, this paddle-style foundation brush is very soft and is makeup artist quality. The synthetic bristles will not absorb oil or product, thus making it a very hygenic application. Not surprisingly, it has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars from 345 reviews. I'm telling ya, give these brushes a try. $27

Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing and Makeup Wipes:
I asked a Sephora girl for a recommendation for wipes to remove makeup before cleansing. I like to break up the makeup first and get some of it off to not have to depend solely on my cleanser to do the job. It can be a big job for one product alone. She suggested the Purity wipes by Philosophy, their own Sephora brand wipes, andOle Henrickson Vitamin C wipes. I chose Korres because there was one formulated for normal to dry skin. $12

Nars Orgasm Illuminator: 100 Point Beauty Insider Perk:
I actually have around 1,000 beauty insider points but the 500 point gifts have been lame skin care related items and I'm waiting for a good makeup one to come. I heard from a little Sephora birdie that the next one is going to be a Smashbox gift. Well, now she's speaking my language. However, I did use 100 of my points to get the Nars Orgasm Illuminator that I've been eyeing in the full-size since it came out. This product is a gel consistency highlighter form of the famous Orgasm blush. If you don't know this shade, its time to come out of your house. Its OK, take baby steps. Try walking out to the mailbox at first and then move up from there. All jokes aside, Orgasm is quite possibly the most gorgeous shimmery peachy pink blush ever. And of course Nars took the cult-fave and ran with it, leaving a million new Orgasm products in its wake.

Extra-Cool Bonus Buys!:

Heatherette for Mac eyeshadow trio #1: I haven't had any of the trios from this collection and so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how adorably cute the packaging was in person. This particular one, out of the two trios released, includes the limited edition shades of Baby Petals and V.I.P. paired with Cassette. These shades are nothing out of the ordinary or anything I don't own something similar to but that is irrelevant. The shadows could have been made of transparent dust with zero color payoff and I'd be just fine because I have that gorgeous metallic pink case adorned with shiny silver dots. Limited edition of course, but available on Ebay for an arm but no leg. That means fairly reasonable.

Heatherette for Mac Bonus Beat Lipglass: I have two other glosses from the collection and this one is by far the most neutral and is said to have a gold-ish sheen to it. Which will make it positively perfect over many of my lipsticks. It is a very popular and adored limited edition shade so if you do love it, you will have to really do some digging to make it yours.

Barry M Lip Paint #129
Barry M is made in London and you can't find Barry M products in the states. This major, try before you buy setback has naturally made the cosmetic line more appealing to me. But this lipstick arrived as part of a package of makeup goodies today from an Austrian swapping pal. Yes, it looks scary in the tube but is quite a wearable shade of lavender. Bust out the Crest Pro-Effects Advanced Seal whitening strips to be on the safe side. Purple tones have the ability to make your teeth look yellow even if they totally are not. Very moisturizing and smooth formula with good color pigmentation but sheer enough to make purple lipstick much less intimidating. I am looking forward to trying other shades.

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