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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nail Product Review: OPI Chip Skip, Does It Help to Skip the Chip?!

I came across an interesting product today while perusing the OPI nail polish selection at Trade Secret. Trade Secret, in my town, seems like an undiscovered little jewel among an otherwise boring and typical shopping plaza that would inhabit a grocery store and a generic shoe store. Normally I see TS store in the mall but this one was on its own and on its own it was. An untapped resource of everything I was looking for but couldn't find at Ulta. While searching for OPI Sweetheart, I couldn't just buy ONE thing so I starting looking at the fancy nail treatments that I didn't need. I came across Chip Skip for $12.50.

The idea behind this product is to apply one coat before you apply your regular nail polish routine. This one coat will help to adhere the polish you apply afterwards to the Chip Skip and thus prevent premature chippage to your manicure. The texture is like water. I wondered, how is this going to work? The brush is teeny tiny so you do not wipe the excess off on the sides of the bottle like you would your normal polish, you simply take the wand from bottle to nail. You will notice an offensive odor that doesn't quite ever vanish. If you can get past this then the Chip Skip dries super quickly on the nail, and you can go about your manicure as planned.

Putting OPI Chip Skip to the Test!

I am doing one hand with Chip Skip followed by my new OPI Sweetheart polish (review is in the works) and the other hand sans Chip Skip but with the same polish. Both hands will be completed with the same OPI Top Coat to finish the look. I will report back if I start to notice any earth shattering results. Otherwise, about five days should be enough for me to gauge a very thorough and well-researched opinion of the product.

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