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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drugstore Gem: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss #150 Peach Petal

From my new series titled Drugstore Gems & Jokes, I bring you, as promised, a gem. I'm not alone in this either. In fact, I'm a little late on this one. My favorite site for product reviews,, can tell you that out of 74 reviews this shade earned a very respectable 4/5 stars. As have all of the other shades. An overwhelming frontrunner being the Nude Lustre shade. This shade boasts an 80% will repurchase again score out of an astounding 571 reviews. Must. Find. This. Shade. My nerves are working overdrive right now thinking about it. Back to Peach Petal. And I'm gonna make this a quickie. I love it. Depending on how pigmented your lips are will determine your own attitude towards the shade. It is a no-frills true peach gloss and shimmer-free to boot. Its so unbelievably gorgeous just to look at even if you find the shade isn't for you. It is almost identical to the shade of a pale peach rose which would explain where Peach Petal is derived from. Its on the sheer side and has a great texture. It isn't sticky like a Mac lipglass but it isn't slippery or greasy in texture which can guarantee many many re-applications to your lips in your future. Revlon hit the nail on the head with the formula in its achievement in pleasing both sides of the spectrum of lipgloss preferences. 

In photos: I am including my favorite peach grouping from my collection to give you some springy peach inspirations. Among the group, Mac Ripe Peach Ombre blush that you can no longer get your hands on. Unless your hands are full of money. Check Ebay. Also joining the blush and Revlon gloss is Mac Myth and Chanel lipliner in Natural. Each of these other items are perfectly purchasable. And finally, my lips. With an entire peach combo of the Chanel liner, Mac Myth, and Revlon Peach Petal as well as the gloss on its own with no help from its friends. And please excuse the vein in my hand showing up in full effect in the photos, I know, a heroine junkie's dream. Rounding things out just in case you haven't had enough of the hotter than hot hue, I'm including a picture of the absolutely gorgeous nail polish which matches the lip gloss. Pure opaque peach perfectness. A stunning combination.

Mac Ripe Peach, Mac Myth, Revlon Petal Peach, Chanel Natural lipliner
Peach Petal gloss w/ no liner or lipstick (above and below)

Revlon Peach Petal Super Lustrous Lipgloss #150
Chanel Natural, Mac Myth, Revlon Peach Petal
Mac Peach Ombre and Peach Petal gloss
Peach Ombre, Chanel Natural, Peach Petal, Myth
Not my own nails, but soon....
Tip of the day: Make sure your lips are nice and exfoliated before applying a pale, sheer gloss such as Peach Petal. Peely lips can tend to be amplified when wearing a lipgloss that doesn't provide full-coverage. If you want a recommendation for a high-end lip exfoliator, try Fresh brown sugar lip scrub. If you are short on cash and a Sephora in not close in proximity, make your own at home using olive oil and sugar. A teaspoon of olive oil and a couple tablespoons of sugar will create the texture we're shooting for to give you a smooth canvas to work with. Your homeade creation can also be used on the whole body, including hands and feet. So get scrubbing, fish lips!

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