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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drugstore Gem: Wet N' Wild Lipliner #666 Brandy Wine

Using only lip balm and the liner to line and fill in lip
A tried and true drugstore lip liner that has been in my collection for 16 years. The only product that even comes close that kind of loyalty, this Wet N' Wild classic has been through it all. Its seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

I mentioned this product in a previous blog post where I took you for an often painful stroll down makeup memory lane. This lovely liner named for the number of the beast #666 Brandy Wine has been reviewed on 447 times and has a repurchase percentage of 74%. My guess is it is a darker pink color with a slight bronze look to it almost, with a slight hint of metallic finish. The old packaging was also more metallic than its new "Color 
 Icon" exterior which is more of a solid.

However, I've read reviews where people have said it shows up nude on them. I don't see how but the way it appears on your lips will vary because of the different pigmentation we all have. This pink is harder to describe using typical phrases like "bubble-gum pink", "Berry", or "Pinky Nude". However I think it could work with all of these shades if properly blended into the lipstick. Otherwise you risk doing it up "Chola Style." A look that had its place in the 90's using the ever popular frosty pink lipstick with a dark pink/brown liner. And this look was mostly liner.

Avoid this look when using a darker liner
     What have people said about this drugstore gem? Take a look (first comment is there because it made me laugh but isn't much of a testament to the liner's performance).

"LOL at the person who gave it a low rating because the name is "666"
Congratulations, you just went full retard Ma'am."

"This lip liner is magic!
Lasts hours, sexy color, ridiculously affordable.... THE BEST!

 "I've been buying this over and over for many years. It is fairly close to my natural lip color and goes with the majority of my lipstick colors. It's a great buy."

"I had a MUA friend turn me on to this about 15 years ago. It got me through the 90's. I have read that 666 is the color of MAC's Spice lip pencil before it was allegedly "tweaked."

"How can you beat this lip liner, seriously. I love the color, its easy to sharpen, its cheaper than gum! I've used high end lip liners, but this is the one I always go back to. The color is just unmatchable!"

Get this $1 gem if you want a lip liner that will go with your darker pinks, berry shades, or just to spruce up a lifeless nude by wearing this liner underneath of it. You could also wear it by itself if for those times that you want something jazzier than lip balm but not quite in the mood to go full lip. The good thing about doing this with a pencil liner is that it will have great lasting power and you won't even know its there. And there you have it. The shortest thing I've ever written. I have stepped out of my comfort zone here with this abbreviated review. Which is why I feel the need to lengthen it using further explanation of the fact that it is short. I'll get used to it.

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